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“More than that is impossible for me.”

“I am not forcing you.

Its just that.”

Pauline shrugs and puts the papers down in front of Seidrick.

“Now, please look at the documents, too You always ask me to check the royal familys movements… ”

Seidrick quickly opened the papers because he was worried.

“Oh my god, damn it.”

He couldnt help cursing.

Averys Norfe as Ophelias partner Pauline breathed deeply as he watched the papers crumble in Seidricks hand.


Wasnt there someone that used to talk to Ophelia”

“There was.

Are you talking about Young Master Kaihan, who has been with Miss Ophelia for a long time


We need to hurry to get her engaged to Kaihan.

Doesnt it take time for the royal family to move anyway Send a telegram to my hometown… Which family was Kaihan from”

“The Bordeaux County.”

Fortunately for Bordeaux, it was a family that had close ties with Cambridge.

Getting engaged or getting married will not be difficult.

He regrets putting it off.

Seidrick gritted his teeth.

The thoughts of Alyssa, which had occupied his mind for a while, were completely erased.


The same news came to Alyssa.

The queen sent a telegram to Alyssa first, ordering her to crack down on Ophelia.

“Oh, shameless…”

Alyssas hand trembled.

That day, Norfe shouldnt have looked at Ophelia.

‘I can do something.

Alyssa burst into a sharp smile.

The queen asked Alyssa to keep the secret, but she didnt want to.

By this time of year, even young children will have a fiance of one or two.

Alyssa jumped up, holding the letter in her hand.

As she moved, the papers on her desk fluttered.

Little by little, Juliana was handling the work Alyssa, so her hand was smeared with ink.

Without minding it, a cold wind blew behind Alyssa, grabbing her dress and taking her steps.

Sasha sighed.

‘There is not one day without a wind in the air.

Whether she was still in Avery or out, always, Avery seemed to think of Alyssa as in their palm.

They still think of it as a hand that can be used and discarded anytime when needed.

The wind was blowing in the garden outside.

The previous day, Alyssa brightened up after spending time with Mona and Gilbert.

She was fed up with the Avery royal family, who always clung to her toes when it was worth living.

What the hell did Alyssa do to them

She is born with the blood of a lowly gypsy.

She was criticized for resembling a vulgar appearance.

Norfe had been interested in Alyssa because her gypsys vulgar bloodline seduced him.


Sasha sighed and arranged her seat.

She then followed the master, and she quickly made her way.

Alyssa picked up the letter, just before it was crumpled, and knocked on Julianas door.


Now, there was no time for feelings of hesitation to intervene.

She must settle this—the emotions complicated Alyssas mind.

Unlike her, Norfe is in the red.

She was engaged to the Cambridge family and conducted the marriage under the royal family, which was possible because Alyssa was not in the red.

Still, she could not give Norfe such an ideal position.

To have Ophelia as his fiance

Of course, there was another way.

She must have no scars on her face to marry the royalty.

If Ophelia… Alyssa sighed with a terrible thought.

“Come in.”

Sasha, who followed after Julianas permission, opened the door.

Alyssa passed through the door.

Juliana saw other Cambridge relatives looking at Alyssa with a glass-like cold gaze.

Even after the banquet was over, there were a few ladies who remained for a while.

All of the high ladies of Cambridge seemed to be gathered.

Juliana sighed briefly.

“What happened Now is…”

Alyssa shook her head.

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The royal family is thinking about marrying Ophelia to Prince Norfe.

Mother, I am…”

“I know.”

Juliana looked around at the ladies, and she sighed once more.

Isnt that why they were gathering like this She did not call Alyssa deliberately because she could guess who the arrow of their resentment would be directed at.

It was when Juliana wanted to say stop and go back.

Others mouths were faster than her.

“So, did you come here to tell us about it, princess”


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