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On the other hand, Alyssa was thinking a little bit darker than Sasha thought.

Where will she live if she leaves Cambridge She wished it was a small mansion, not in a city like this, but a corner.

She doesnt want to be lonely in a spacious estate, but itll be nice if no one looks for Alyssa.

When will it be a good time

After returning Kendricks remains to Cambridge

Will it take about three years

Alyssa smiled lightly.

The thought of leaving Cambridge seems to lighten her heart, except for a few things that she regrets.

No more, she doesnt have to put Averys sin on Cambridge.

If not, the idea of paying the royal family to get Kendricks remains would not be bad either.

The royal family was attracted to money.

She can do so by gathering the budget allocated to her…

‘Is she hating her husband, who didnt even see her face

Alyssa tilted her head.

Its great to ask Sid about this, but he said hes not going to come back for a month.

Count Bordeaux was in front of her.

Alyssa took a deep breath and then turned her body straight.

She was told that Karhan Bordeaux was engaged to Ophelia as a child.

Although after Kendricks death, their exchanges had declined, Ophelia and Karhan were still sending letters.

Alyssa took a deep breath and got off the stopped wagon.

As she approached the door, she rang her bell.

She can see the butler coming from far away.

May this go well so that Avery will no longer harm Cambridge.

“What is your purpose of visit”

“I am Alyssa Cambridge.

I have an appointment in advance.”


Come in, Duchess.”

Alyssa stepped into the gate.

Air that was different from Cambridge covered her body.

Unlike the gloomy Cambridge, it had a warm atmosphere.

Ophelia might like it.


The story that Alyssa headed directly to Count Bordeaux was naturally passed on to Seidrick.

As he was processing the papers, he sighed.

As soon as he signed the mine, he hired workers and made formal contracts with the craftsmen and other businesses he had contacted before, so he ran short of 24 hours a day.

In addition to Ophelias work, he forgot to think of Alyssa…

Alyssa awakened herself well.

If Pauline hadnt told Seidrick that Alyssa was headed for Count Bordeaux today, it wouldnt have intervened with his thoughts.

“So what happened Did Bordeaux accept our offer”

“I dont know yet.

She was there this morning, so youll receive the results tomorrow morning.”

Fortunately, letters were coming and going quickly thanks to the development of the telegraph office.

Had it not been, Seidrick would have passed by without knowing the mishaps that struck Ophelia.

He learned of Kendricks incident late after it had already passed.

Seidrick briefly closed the file and rubbed his eyebrows.

“…This is our debt to Princess Alyssa, right”


Shes Averys blood, but Princess Alyssa is a different person.

I cant believe shes doing this.”

“I think I need to make amends for Princess Alyssa.”


Are you asking me to find a suitable gift for a wife who you dont even know her face”

“I like that you are so quick-witted.”

Seidrick laughed.

This will not relieve his feelings of debt, but he still wanted to express his gratitude.

He doesnt have the confidence to face Alyssa right now.

Yet, what is fortunate is that Seidrick and Kendricks dreams are becoming more and more real.

One of the sailing ship designers that Seidrick had well thought out from other continents has finally arrived.

There isnt much time left to launch a giant commercial ship over the ocean.

If that happens, will Kendricks shadow over Alyssa disappear a little If that happens… Will he be able to face Alyssa properly

Seidrick sighed, blaming himself for his lack of courage.

It will take about three years.

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Time is said to be medicine, so he looked forward to seeing that Avery would be erased from Alyssa.

If that happens, not only Seidrick but others will see Alyssa as she is.

‘I keep thinking of useless thoughts…

Seidrick put his eyes down.

“…I hope that the words of gratitude will be conveyed.”

“Ill try my best.

Your Excellency.”


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