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The Countess swallowed her words with a face that was clear that she was about to complain.

A bitter taste ran through her mouth.

She drank sweet, sweet tea, but the winter seemed to seep into her lungs.

Nowadays, the royal family has turned their backs in the kingdom as if they had only taken profits and had lost their obligations, and the streets were overflowing with vagrants.

An increasing number of nobles fled the territory due to excessive taxes.

No matter how ignorant Alyssa is, she knows the fact, but will the royal family know about it

It would be better for them to know but to pretend not to know.

 The moment they pretend to know that, they will have to give up many of the things they enjoy.


The Avery royal family does a lot of things that shouldnt be done.

Someday the royal family will have to pay for it.”

The Countess was somewhat surprised by Alyssas calm words.

“…Even if the princess says so…”

“Its true.

If I deny it, it wont make Averys royal conduct different.”

The Countess laughed heartily after a long time.

It was because Alyssas words and actions were refreshing.

Not one or two people have suffered damage from Averys brutality.

And the Count of Bordeaux almost jumped on the victim this time.

“Karhan, thank the princess.”

Karhans eyes shook.

He is politely bowing her head toward Alyssa.

He almost lost his love in an instant, so she couldnt even guess how much he would have been hurt in his young heart.

Instead, the person who should apologize is her, the one who succeeded Averys blood.

Alyssa waved his hand.

“You dont have to, Lord Karhan.

Im just taking care of it.

I am glad to be able to repay the royal familys faults in this way.”

Alyssa smiled lightly.

With the dignity in her skinny body, the subtle atmosphere of her smiling face seemed to overwhelm this place.

This little princess alone is paying off the royal familys fault alone.

When Cambridge was like so and Alyssa and Seidrick suddenly married, people expected Alyssa to give up and run away sooner or later.

However, she was trying to do something, holding on to Cambridge.

The news that Alyssa had been to the royal cemetery with Ophelia and Juliana struck social circles.

Does the princess know that people are starting to have subtle expectations That expectation that Alyssa Cambridge will be different from other Avery.

Still, the Cambridge relatives seemed to be displeased with her, but they didnt say a word about Alyssa outside.

What does that mean

The feelings that remain inside Cambridge will be resolved over time.

Of course, on the assumption that Alyssa will endure it.

Avery makes many people tired.

It suddenly occurred that maybe the biggest victim was that fragile little Princess.


The next day, it was clear that the marriage between Ophelia and Karhan made headlines in the newspaper.

Of course, Cambridge was intentional in providing articles in the daily newspaper, but the papers also mentioned Alyssas name.

Alyssa herself wrote and handed over the article, so she was aware of it.

It was to direct the royal arrow to Alyssa.

Alyssa slowly reviewed the daily article and nodded her head.

Fortunately, it was written without a mistake.

The main content was that the marriage between Ophelia and Karhan was not sudden, and it was decided after a long time of deliberation.

She saved these young lovers.

And as expected.

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“…You are called by the royal family.”

A message came from the royal family.

They still call her out without hesitation, as if they still think that Alyssa is an unmarried woman.

In the first place, it was absurd in itself to wish for an ordinary concept and common sense from the royal family.

Alyssa laughed and raised her body.

She guessed that the royal family would call anyway, and she was always doing the preparations.

She left the worrisome-looking Sasha behind.

“I have to go.”

Alyssa stretched her back and opened the door.

The queen was only comfortable with Alyssa, so it seemed that she had not called Juliana and Countess of Bordeaux.

Then, when they learned that the royal family had called her, Juliana and Ophelia jumped out into the lobby with a surprised and lost face.


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