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It wasnt that they couldnt guess that this would happen… but Julianas face was distorted.

Alyssa has always been the same person.

She ponders what she can do for them, admits Averys fault, and tries to pay it back.

Although Alyssas efforts are not always acceptable to everyone…


The subtle feelings mixed with guilt overwhelmed Juliana.

“…Shall we go together Even the royal family cant do anything at will to me.


“No, mother.”

Alyssa shook her head.

If she goes in with Juliana, she gets the queens resentment too.

Its better to end it with just one.

Whats more, it was enough for Juliana to hold her like this.

Because it was comforting that she did not do anything in vain this time, Alyssa turned firmly from Juliana and Ophelia.

For the first time, she wasnt lonely on her way to the royal family alone.

Some are watching her back.

A bitter smile caught on her lips.


“You crazy bitch.”

Vanessa saw Alyssa and clicked her tongue.

How much did she drink yesterday And every time Vanessa opens her mouth, the smell of liquor oozes, and she doesnt seem to care about that.

Alyssa turned her head, frowning at her.

Vanessas prodigal life was famous, and the queen encouraged Alyssa to help her party…

She insisted that those in her social gathering would surely help later in the reign of her brother and the first prince, this Kruno.

Even though none of them were good enough,

In the eyes of Alyssa, the meeting was impossible for that prodigal love interest.

Vanessa had one of them in mind, Count Kruno Drake, who secretly stole the royal assets and invested in Drakes business.

To not be noticed by the king, Alyssa had to make a double ledger under the command of the king, so she remembered every detail of it.

Even so, Vanessa used to act like this to her, as a person convinced that Alyssa couldnt use it as her weapon.

Alyssa was an ungrateful girl for her, despite collecting all the evidence.

This was Alyssas secret.

She didnt start collecting evidence like that from the beginning.

She started collecting to use as a weapon when she wanted to escape from this breathtaking royal family one day.

Was it around when she was 15

Alyssa put her eyes down.

The queen would have no idea that she would do such a thing, so this was possible.

Alyssa smiled.

“Sister, move away.

Mother was looking for me.”

Alyssa said bluntly.


Are you ignoring me now”


Vanessa came over and grabbed Alyssas well-decorated hair.

Vanessa glared as she stared into Alyssas eyes with her head bent back.

“Knowing your subject, Alyssa.


Dont forget that your mother is a shallow, vulgar gypsy blood, you understand No matter how hard you struggle, you are a gypsys daughter.”

The words in her ear are hard, but it doesnt even hurt anymore.

“I know, sister.”

“Ha… The more I see it, the worse is it.”

Vanessa throws away her hairpin, held roughly, turns her back, and disappears.

Alyssa picked up a pin rolling on the floor, looked still, and threw it back to the floor.

She brushed down the tangled hair with her fingers.

Her hair, fixed in the winter breeze, was messed up, but Alyssa didnt care about it.

There was no one to take care of her in this royal family, Alyssa, who had had gypsy in her blood because of her mother.

Besides, there was no way that the queen would be nice anyway.

Alyssa breathed a deep sigh and knocked on the door of the queens parlor.


As soon as a sharp voice returned and Alyssa opened the door.

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It was hot even though it was cold, and the liquid covered her face.

Alyssa felt her soft skin glowing hot.

The queen, who has always stressed to her about the royal familys dignity, always does this when dealing with Alyssa.

Alyssa slowly wiped the liquid off the back of her hand.

“Do you dare ignore me”

The table overturned by the queens defeat fell into Alyssas eyes.

Next to him, Norfe sat with his legs crossed in a very relaxed appearance.

He glanced at her like a snake, but her eyes remained unchanged.


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