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She didnt want to get that kind of look into her eyes, so she closed her eyes.

“What did I say! I told you to keep an eye on Ophelia! But rather, you do something like encouraging them How can the royal family bring such a flawed child!”

Knowing that it would come out like this, she pushed forward with it yesterday.

Alyssa had no regrets.

This is better than seeing a straightforward childlike Ophelia struggling with a mate like Norfe.

She bowed her head.

Seeing the unresponsive Alyssa, the queen threw her books and all sorts of items.

Although the wicked actions hurt Alyssa, she didnt even move.

She will do more if Alyssa avoids it.

“I already had the kings permission! Ive also been looking for a mansion for Norfe and Ophelia! But all of that was in vain, because of this bitch! How will you be responsible for this!”

It wasnt ridiculous in the first place.

The royal order did it without asking for the consent of Ophelia or Juliana.

What kind of marriage was so decided, but if the queen did it, the King would be able to turn it upside down.

Just as Alyssa became Kendricks fiancee, it could have been overturned by the kings words.

However, once is enough.

“What should I do”

Alyssa asked in a blunt voice what had happened already happened anyway.

There was no way she could turn it back.


I have a good idea.”

Norfe, who was making a smile by the queens side, opened his mouth to his mother.

The gaze looking down at the soaked Alyssa was very arrogant.

Alyssa could fully guess what will be said from that mouth.

“Please allow me to take care of that little sister under me, mother.

Shes been abandoned by Duke Seidrick anyway, right I dont think she can properly become the Duchess…”

Alyssa was said to be lacking, but there was nothing right from Norfe, who had a lack of intelligence.

The queen was sick of it.

No matter how the royal family went out, it could have been criticized by the people and even the temple.


The queen stared at Norfe.

Her youngest child that she raised, and he was so stupid.

No matter how half-hearted he is, he is of royal blood.

That doesnt mean Norfe is to blame.

It was the girl that caught his sons eyes!

In the first place, it was wrong for the king to impart affection to the gypsy.

The queen gritted her teeth and threw a file folder at Alyssa.

It was the queens anger towards Alyssa who gave up the royal affairs.

“Clean it up! We have to fix what this bitch has done, right My family has to make up for the silver losses, so take care of the books.

Do you understand”

Probably, it is a trick to squeeze out all the budgets from Alyssa.

But that kind of money.

Alyssa nodded and picked up the papers that had fallen to the floor.

Instead, it is fortunate that it ended here.

Perhaps Norfes glance at Alyssa made the queen impatient.

Alyssa opened the door and went out.

The goosebumps did not subside because Norfes gaze, chasing after Alyssa, was still intact.

It was an unfair gaze to the extent that her body trembled.

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Alyssa looked back at the closed door and bit her lips.

Norfes face, which is so absurd, is pathetic, to say at best.

Fortunately, knights are waiting to protect her if she escapes from this royal castle.

Seidrick had anyone going to the royal family accompanied by plain-clothed knights.

At first, it was burdensome that her husband, who had not even seen her face, did this.

But she knew this time how reassuring it was.

Alyssa took a deep breath and then moved quickly.

She wants to get out of this position right now before Avery gripped her ankles.

The shadow of the royal family fell behind Alyssa.


Born as a royal prince, Norfe lived to achieve everything he wanted to do.

It was only with Alyssa that didnt go as intended.

He was annoyed because his bloodline wasnt always following his will.

The queen was anxious and rebuked Norfes conduct, but he is a prince anyway.

Isnt he an omnipotent status with nothing to be ashamed or sorry for


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