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Norfe tilted the glass.

But the next thing that caught his eye was the girl named Ophelia.

She stands side by side with Alyssa.

Her eyes were full of tears as she looked at him as if he had the same appearance as Kendrick.

Norfe tasted his drink.

Even though he had already emptied three bottles of alcohol, he emptied the glass without hesitation.

Ophelia or Alyssa.

He keeps regretting the two women he doesnt have.

He had had some women in his hand, and he held it wherever he wanted.

It was even more fun if they struggled and said they didnt like it and tried to run away.

No one will ever punish him anyway, so he behaved more spontaneously.

More, more, more, more.

‘But why not

He doesnt understand.

He can stop anything with the queens power anyway.

His mother is too cautious.

Temple What could they do Norfe tilted his wine glass again, overcoming his swear words.


This is no fun either.”

Norfe raised himself with his eyes narrowly opened.

The employees who were away glanced at him.

Of course, no one could catch Norfe, who leaves without paying any money.

If so, it would just add more beating.


Its a royal family.”

“Royal family Those things are also royalty.

Its better not to have it!”


The place where Norfe, who became drunk and unconscious, was headed for is Cambridge.

Is there a place in this world that the royal family cannot go to

Norfe giggles and rang the Cambridge bell.

The mansion, immersed in darkness, began to awaken again.

The first thing that awakened to the door rings sound was Alyssa, who was in a nap.

She wasnt as lonely as today, thanks to Ophelia and Juliana, who came out and met her.

They couldnt sleep because they were angry when they saw Alyssa messed up.

However, an uninvited visitor came.

Alyssa woke up.

“Madam! Trouble.”

She thought so… Its a life without a good nights sleep.

Alyssa sighed and put on a gown.

“What happened”

“…Prince Norfe has come.

Go and find Grand Madam and Miss Ophelia.”


Alyssa covered her eyes with her palms.

Her skinny body stumbled because she couldnt eat properly.

When she crosses a mountain, it feels like a new mountain rises.

When she listened carefully, it seemed that she could hear the voice of Norfe screaming.

“Come out! Come out right now! Huh! I am here.

The prince has come! You! Are you ignoring the words of the royalty”

What the hell is royalty What the hell is Avery doing!!

Alyssa clenched her teeth.

Damn Avery.

Alyssa is now embarrassed to live under Averys name.

Avery has no remorse and has no intention of moving forward.

She tied her bedgown tightly.

There are many footsteps heard outside.

Alyssa must go down quickly.

It was time to open the door.

“Dont come out.

I thought this would happen.”

Alyssa stiffened herself like a doll standing at the door.

Juliana sighed and grabbed Alyssa.

“Ophelia also told me not to come out.”

“But mother…”

Thats Averys blood, so wouldnt it be right for her to take care of it herself

“That day… I saw the princes eyes looking at you.”

This was the guilt that touched Julianas heart the most.

That day, the day she met the prince in front of Kendricks cemetery.

Norfe didnt just see Ophelia with such eyes.

He also glanced at Alyssa with such messy eyes.

Nevertheless, the arms bent inward to show that only Ophelia was hit and never thought of this young girl.

(T/N: Arms bent inward, meaning people will always favor the people closest to them.)

Instead, Juliana treated Alyssa as an adult.

As if nothing had happened.

Unlike herself, who blamed everything on Alyssa in an unadulterated manner.

Juliana gently pushed Alyssas shoulder behind her.

“You are in danger too.”


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Alyssas pupils dilate.

It was the first time that someone was hiding her behind them, saying they would protect her.

Alyssa has constantly been exposed to dangers, and no one ever hides her.

She thought Juliana had driven her away because everything was her fault.

It was natural.

“Dont come out.”

After leaving a request full of worries.

Juliana gathered the servants of her house into the lobby.

She also ordered the knights guarding the door to gather in the lobby.


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