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She knows where Alyssas contribution is headed every day.

She knows that Alyssa is giving money to the employers and residents of Cambridge by saving her budget.

Even though it was because of the guilt, Alyssa was doing her best.

Although Alyssa did nothing wrong, there was no longer a reasonable criticism of the poor child.

No matter how bad they are.

“Stop it.”

“But Madam…!”

“Kendrick wont like it.

So, stop now… What did Alyssa do so wrong to you Its not this child who is bad! Its the royal family.

So, keep it to yourself.”

Juliana said strongly.

Of course, the other ladies here knew it was also right.

They just hated to admit it—the moment they acknowledge that they will quickly lose something they can resent.

Countess Erdan bit her lips with a reddish face.

“Really Madam Juliana.

Dont pretend to be so good.

How great was Kendrick How warm was he We had to lose that child in vain! I dreamed of the Cambridge that he ruled, and Ive been drawing my sons life-long loyalty to him.

But that damn Avery screwed it all up!”

Alyssa exhaled a tight breath.

It wasnt just Cambridge that Avery had toppled.

Cambridge was like a small kingdom, and thousands of people connected with him were living in Cambridge.

The royal family ruined their future.

‘How many people.

Are they suffering from Avery

Alyssa stepped backward.

As she breathed, her face turned white.

Repaying and repaying on behalf of Avery… She felt like shes fallen into a pit where she cant see the end after repaying her sins.

The sins of Averys veins rising countless times over the bog that imprisoned Alyssa.

It doesnt end.

Alyssa closed her eyes in her dizziness.

And her body was about to collapse.


When Sasha didnt know what to do with the cake in her hand, Ophelia, who approached her, helped Alyssa.

“Its okay, Alyssa.”

Ophelia whispered a little and pulled Alyssa out of the mud.

She saved her from the eyes, including Countess Erdans.

Ophelia pushed Alyssa into her bedroom.

No one here dares to invade the Duchess of Cambridges bedroom.

Ophelia helped Alyssa lay in her bed.

She was still standing outside, but Juliana knows and will clean it well.

Ophelia brought water to Alyssa.

“You look so bad.”

Ophelia, muttering bitterly, filled the empty glass of water again.

Sasha came in with the cake and put it on the table.

“Its okay, Ophelia.”

“…I dont think so.

I think there must be a hole in your chest.”

Ophelia whispered as playfully as possible.

It was meant to relieve Alyssas mood.

“Youre saying the right thing,”

“…its not Alyssas fault.”

Ophelia stubbornly replied.

“Alyssa is trying.”

“Because my efforts are always lacking.”

In a resignation tone, Ophelia shook her head.

“Alyssa is the only one who wants to pay back the crimes that many people are committing…”

“I cant say that Im not in the privileges of the Avery royal family, Ophelia.

I do my best because Im a by-product of them too.”

Alyssa muttered.

At one time, people who treated Alyssa as a by-product of Avery were resentful.

But while she was in Cambridge, she realized something.

She is a by-product of Avery.

Alyssa grew up enriched and educated on Averys property.

So Alyssa cant tell that shes not at all at fault.

That was her idea.

Ophelia realized that she could not convince Alyssa.

She will not forgive herself.

‘For leaving such a good person…

In this case, it would be good if she could comfort Alyssa.

Seidrick had a better relationship with Alyssa than anyone else in Cambridge, and these days, he didnt come home well on the excuse of doing business.

The royal family called Alyssa once every two days as if they were trying to anger Alyssa for all of Ophelias work.

She cant do this or that…


Isnt the egg porridge cooked by Mrs.

Mona delicious”


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Alyssa nodded with a face that didnt know why she was asked with such a question.

“Actually, I cook that porridge well.

Seidrick cooks better than me.

Ask him to make them next time.

Ill cook it today.”

Alyssa opened her eyes wide.

Ophelias egg porridge

“…Happy birthday, Alyssa.”

Tears filled Alyssas sore eyes.

It was the first time someone except Sasha had given her a happy birthday.


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