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Juliana found Ophelia in Alyssas bedroom, and she told her to take good care of Alyssa, and then went back to her bedroom.

Their relationship was so precarious and ambiguous to each other.

As long as the dead Kendrick was in the middle, there was an atmosphere that they couldnt break.

It was Alyssa who tried to smile and spoke first.

“…It seems that this week is already late, so why dont we go to the cemetery early next week”

“Im good.

Mother will also like it.”


However, the two of them quickly shut their mouths because there was no room for further conversation.

However, unlike when Alyssa first came to the mansion, the atmosphere was much softer.

That alone deserved a space to breathe.

Alyssas intense gaze turned to the garden.

Why is that place that she hasnt been able to go to these days so noticeable today

When is Sid coming back I want to talk to you…

Alyssa sighed.

“Its your birthday… and I cant believe you suffered such a thing.”

Ophelia said the words she had held back for a while.

No matter how much Alyssa grew up with Averys favor, she knew that the criticism Alyssa received today was unjust.

She wanted to apologize on their behalf.

So she started it.

Alyssa said something completely different from Ophelias expectations.

“Today is normal.”

“Ill instead… yes”

Ophelia was startled and opened her eyes.

There is no one having a tough birthday like Alyssa! What the hell are you talking about

“Its better than before, so its okay, Ophelia.”

Alyssa insignificantly laughed as if she was really okay.

Alyssa has a more hellish birthday than this every year.

The queen wasnt the one to consider her birthday, and her life in the royal family was like hell every day, so it was natural.

On her last years birthday, Vanessa passed her crimes to Alyssa and was beaten hard by the king, and on her second last years birthday, she suffered a scandal due to Norfe.

So, today was very good.

It was nothing compared to the countless despairs she had been through.

‘Thats enough, Alyssa.

It may be because you are persuading yourself by saying the same thing over and over.

“Its really okay.”

Ophelia made an egg porridge for Alyssa, and Sasha is with her.

Maybe Sid might come back by tomorrow.

So shes really…

Knock, knock-


“Come on in.”

It was a small tray that opened the door and came in.

On the tray, on a small plate, there was a pancake that was mouth-watering just by looking.

It was a cake with seasonal fruits and sweet honey on top.


It was when Ophelia thought that it was a pancake she saw a lot.

“The gardener brought it, maam.

Of course, I know that it is not suitable for the Madams taste, but it seems that he brought it after hearing the word that it is your birthday today.

If youre okay…”

“Get it here.”

Alyssa said before the attendant even finished.

Look at this.

She felt that today was not a bad day.

She put the chopped pancakes in her mouth.

“I think Mona is good at cooking.”

As Alyssa continued to eat more with admiration, Ophelia was thinking differently.

Although Gilbert and Mona were good people, they werent the ones who could go beyond.

Even if they sent it with good intentions, its not clear theyd accept it.

So Mona and Gilbert couldnt have sent it on their own…

‘Is it today Seidrick is back.

Thats what he said.

It looks like my second brother did a cute thing.

If it were the shy Seidrick, it was something he could do for his wife.

Since he likes Monas cooking so much, he seems to have asked for it himself…

Ophelia asked the attendant to confirm it.

“Are there any new ingredients available I mean what comes in season.”

“Fresh freshwater fish came in, young lady.”


As soon as he came, he must have been fishing with Gilbert.

While hes at it, he would have asked Mona, and Ophelia secretly asked Alyssa.

“Is it delicious”

“Yes, really.”

“Good thing, Alyssa.

The person who brought it must also be a good person, right”

It was something vaguely weird, but Alyssa nodded her head.

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“I think Im grateful.”

“Thats really good.”

Ophelia smiled lightly.

But Alyssa was thinking of the pancakes and the ones who congratulated her today, so she didnt notice it.

‘Seidrick, youre pretty cute, arent you



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