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He knew she had grown up so sadly.

He knew the story of Alyssa, who was born as an illegitimate child and lived with the queen.

However, her smiling face is so clear, like she has never experienced such a thing.

Thats why it kept on staying in his mind.

Seidrick didnt feel the caught fish escaping.

“Oh! It ran away, Sid! I was a little hungry right now…”

Alyssa exhaled a sad breath.

Seidrick bit his lips with his head-on.

He has to admit anything.

Whether or not she has Kendricks shadow behind her or whether Avery makes up most of her.

Suddenly, Alyssa digs into Seidricks chest.

Thats why he kept making that premise.

After he recovers Kendricks remains, he thinks hell be able to completely put Alyssa in his heart after he fulfills Kendricks dreams.

He thought he dared.

To reveal his feelings a little more, he was sorry.

He was sorry for not looking at that small, young, and pretty person thoroughly.

Seidrick dropped the net he was holding in his hand with a bitter smile.

“…I can catch it again.”

And his relationship with Alyssa will be able to resume.

If she only gives him a chance.

He was hoping it could happen.

“Then, lets do it, Sid.

Im starving.”

Alyssa beckoned to Seidrick.

He picked up a net swaying by the water without his knowledge.

Shes hungry, but he has to catch fish first.

When he cant see her, she steps into his view like that, and after seeing her…

‘It seems like its better than not seeing her.

Seidrick thought blankly.

With an unconscious smile.

In fact, from the beginning, the moment she first recognized him.

‘I… are you the one working here

From the moment she asked with a younger face than now.

She kept getting caught up in his heart.

That was an instinctive attraction.


Norfes work slightly narrowed the queens position.

It means she is having a hard time asking for something from the king.

She held her breath in the meantime, and she saw the kings gaze, and she took all sorts of anger on Alyssa.

In addition to bringing her in when shes married, she had to take over the royal affairs and attend all kinds of support for Vanessa.

It was all the queens trick that Alyssa entered the royal family every two days.

‘Because of the lowly girl, this is what Im like.

Fearing this would happen, she trained her completely, but where is the gypsy blood What the hell was that girl fascinated with…

The queen looked at the king as she clicked her tongue.

The king is uneasy looking at the teacup with the expression of a slow beast.

What the hell are you thinking… To save Norfe from the king, she took all the money from her family and supported the king.

The king did not try to overlook Norfe.

‘What the hell are you thinking…

The queen was anxious from the time the king visited and told her to have a cup of tea.


“Yes, your Majesty.”

The queen put down the teacup.

To listen to whatever the King asked, it didnt matter whatsoever, as long as it wasnt something to shake Crunos foundation.

“I was told that you have a close relationship with Princess Alyssa.”


The princess is still not enough to rule such a family, so I am teaching her well, Your Majesty.”

Anyway, the king had no interest in how the queen abused and persecuted Alyssa.

He will readily believe the superficial queens excuses.

The king slowly pulled up his lips.

“Yes, thats fortunate.

Because the queen took good care of the princess, then she would listen better if the queen said it.”

“Of course.

She is a good girl, and she listens to me very well.”

As he noticed, it was clear that Alyssa or Cambridge had something to do with it.

And the king liked the one with abilities, and it was self-evident that if the queen did well to fulfill the kings orders, it would also be helpful to Cruno.

She somehow has to rip off what the king wants from Alyssa.

The queens eyes shone coldly.


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