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There was no one here.

It seemed to her that she was finally freed from the gaze that blamed her.

Alyssa walked comfortably with her face loose.

Birds and squirrels, rabbits.

She only received resentful gaze toward her, but as she looked at these pure animals, her heart was relieved.

It was a moment when she thought that it was good coming to the garden as Sasha said.

Was this the direction to the cosmos colony Alyssa tilted her head and turned.


Then, the pruned branches fell in front of Alyssa.

She raised her head in amazement.

She thought there was no one…

“Hmm, hmm.”

She felt like someone was there, so she coughed out.

However, there was no reaction, and Alyssa shook her head with a trembling heart.

She saw a man with his head in the tree, riding a ladder.

He wore crude black boots, black trousers and a comfortable plaid shirt.

The gardener

A man who had no idea how to roll up his sleeve and stick his head out of the tree and came down after a long time.

He was a man with a sea blown blonde hair and clear eyes that resembled the autumn sky.

The man, with a sharp nose and a sharp jawline, had a beautiful appearance for a gardener.

The man seemed to be moving as he folded the ladder.


It was Alyssa who called him up.

The man who was called by her turned his head.

“You work here”

The man nodded briefly.

Given that his movement is natural, he must have been more familiar with this garden than Alyssa.

“Ah… Then, do you know where the cosmos colony is This is my first time.”

Alyssa and the mans eyes met.

The mans deep blue eyes painted a light wave.

Before long, his red lips slowly opened.

“The cosmos”

It was a voice with a deep resonance.

Alyssa nodded.

“Yes, I want to see the cosmos.”

“That way.”

The man answered briefly and pointed in the direction with his hand.

Alyssa glanced at the mans hand and smiled lightly.

“Thank you.

Is there still a cosmos in bloom I thought I saw it a month ago.”

“Im sure it will be blooming.”


Then I can see it.

Thank you.”

Alyssa slowly passed by the man.

In a moment, the eyes of her and the man struck.

However, it was only that moment.

Because they were going different paths in the first place.

Alyssa walked through the woods, feeling better as Sasha said.

‘What kind of man is he to have decorated the garden so nicely

Seidrick, passing by Alyssa, brushed his hair.

He looked back for a moment and then stepped forward again.

“Princess Alyssa…”

It was definitely her.

Platinum hair and purple eyes.

Pale and white skin.  It was the same as the talkative Ophelia had been talking about.

Seidrick frowned.

“Why the hell are you here”

It wasnt a place for a noble royal daughter.

Ophelia did not even give a glance to this forest.


Julianna was also more interested in tea sets than the forest, so this forest was the responsibility of Seidrick.

He cant believe a royal girl stepped into this place… He felt repulsed.

Seidrick was cooling his overheated head alone with gardening.

Since childhood, he has frequented this garden by himself.

Now he was used to pruning and looking over the birds nests.

Dangerous poisonous plants were removed beforehand, and edible fruits were picked and set aside in bags.

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After doing so many things, all the troubles of the world were forgotten.  Then he met the princess.

A young girl who innocently asks for the cosmos colony

She had a very lonely look for him to ignore the question.

Well, whats wrong to give away a part of this large forest.

Seidrick sighed.

Seidrick wont be here for a while anyway.

There is no more Kendrick that was supposed to come back from the battlefield and was going to take over the business that his mother had been taking care of for a while.

Seidrick should take the place.

For the past month, hes been extremely busy working on what Kendrick left behind.


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