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It didnt take a day or two for the queen to call in Alyssa.

She was working like someone very determined to do Norfes job, and she was listening to most of the queens repressions to prevent sparks from splashing elsewhere.

But she was strangely anxious today.

It feels like her heart is pounding.

Its like she hit her head earlier.

Anyway, ominousness was burning up Alyssa.

She exhaled a long breath and tapped the queens room.

“Come in.”

From early in the morning, the queen, who had been in a hurry, was still wearing a gown and being attended by her maids.

It wasnt a day or two since she suffered this injustice, but Alyssa sat across from the queen, being courted by the queen with a casual face.

“Im sorry.

Because the king went away last night.”


Alyssa swept her dry mouth with the tip of her tongue.

“Trim the fingernails a little more round.

The king hates it.”

“Yes, My Queen.”


The queen never mentions the king before Alyssa.

Because she immensely disliked that she had a link between Alyssa and the King.

Today, however, the queen acted like a person who wanted to reveal her relationship with the king.

What the hell is she going to do to ask Alyssa.

And the queen, who had left Alyssa alone for a long time, beckoned the maids.

“Hmm, Alyssa.”

“Yes, mother.”

“As you know, Cruno will be the future pillar of this country.”

Alyssas heart began to be colored with a dreadful fear.

The queen had not mentioned Cruno in front of her as if Alyssa was a plague.

But why

Is the queen continuing to break her own rules today

“I need your help to do that, Alyssa.”


“The king seems to be in a bad mood these days.

But how overwhelming it would be for Cruno to handle it alone.

As a younger sister, you have to help.

Then, Cruno will look at you very well.”

What nonsense is this

His younger sister Its not worth it.

Alyssa bit her lips.

“Wouldnt Cruno take care of you after the king gets down anyway”

What is she trying to say with this

“Actually, the reason that the king is upset is all the fault of Cambridge, so why blame them for this”


The king blames Cambridge…

Alyssas hand began to tremble.

“I heard that Cambridge started the iron ore business this time.

However, the original things that are of such value must be owned by the royal family.

But it seems that the king is upset because it is said that Cambridge has taken over it.”

Has the king ever been involved in attracting the southern iron ore business It wasnt in Alyssas knowledge.

She knew that Seidrick was having a hard time signing a contract, but…

There was nothing about the king in the stories Alyssa encountered.

Now the king was just trying to swallow what Cambridge had.


How far in the world will it stop

Alyssa bit her lips firmly.

“So you have to bring the letter of ownership, Alyssa.”

The main point was this.

The reason why she always talked about the King and Cruno was to bring this out.

To force Alyssa to steal.

She was born with Averys blood and has tried not to live that way.

However, no matter what effort people made, they projected Avery onto Alyssa, and she was still a by-product of Avery.

Even so, this is not it.

In a terrible state, Alyssa grabbed her hands.


“Of course, I knew you would say that.

Because you resemble your mother, you cant get rid of that rebellion.”

The queen laughed coldly and put down a miniature portrait in front of Alyssa.


Platinum hair and purple eyes.

The figure of the Gypsy who came in such a way was contained in the portrait.

However, she was older than Alyssa thought.

She apparently died at a young age…

“Shes alive.”

Alyssa raised her head.

“If you do what I told you to do, Ill let you meet your mother.”

She indeed said her mother was dead.

She had told Alyssa that her mother died when she was a child, so Alyssa has no idea where her mother was buried.

Suddenly her mother is alive.

Is the queen telling her to believe it

But Alyssas heart was trembling with anxiety.

She was the queen who would tell her lies enough and use it as a way to use Alyssa.

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