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“Huh… Huh uh huh…”

This is why her biological mother, who is said to be alive, has never visited Alyssa.

Alyssa pounded her chest.

It wouldnt be strange to die like this because shes so stuffed up.


She felt like it would be okay if she choked and died.

Then, Alyssa slipped.

“Hoo, hoo, heup!”

Her face, which had been wet with tears, is now drenched with water.

She suddenly fell deep, so her feet could not reach.

She repeatedly said she wanted to die like this, but her desire to live rose from the deep.

Not like this…

Like this.

And, as always, someone grabbed Alyssa just before her death.

The warmth of others flowed through her cold palms.

Alyssa looked at the person holding her with her increasingly flickering gaze.

A familiar person was revealed.


He was the person who she wanted to see the most at this moment and the person who she did not want to see the most.

She didnt want to see him because she only wanted to look good, and she wanted to see him because she thought of the end.

Alyssas vision began to blur slowly.


Seidrick tried to lift Alyssas drooping body.

He stood by her all the time.

Alyssa, who returned to the mansion, went through his office, and he followed her all the way here.

He knew Alyssa couldnt steal it.

She was not one to take advantage of her own by harming others.

She cant do that.

He would have been at ease if she had done it, but Alyssa didnt.

Seidrick cant hate her, and he cant even give his heart to her at the end.

Did that person steal something for their own benefit

The royal family was a group of people who knew nothing about Alyssa.

He believed in Alyssa and stayed with her because he was concerned about the current situation.

Because Alyssa couldnt overcome her guilt, he thought she would do anything.

As expected, when she plunged into the lake, Seidricks heart plummeted with it.

He forgot that he was hiding his identity and followed her by calling Alyssas name, but Alyssa didnt notice.

She seemed to hear nothing.

Then, when Alyssa slipped her foot.

“I thought youd die…”

He thought that not only Alyssa but he was going to die.

Seidrick gave a gentle glance at Alyssa, who had an even breath.

Gilbert and Mona were running with thick blankets, who chased him after the mess.

He was going to cover her and move her to the mansion.

Gilbert carried Alyssa on his back to Gilberts pressure.

Seidrick followed him.

As Gilbert said, in the still chilly weather, his wet body began to complain of the cold.

Seidrick told the butler when he glanced at Alyssas maid, who was chasing Gilbert and running into the mansion.

“Give me hot water.

Clean up the office.”

“Yes, sir.”

Seidrick, who was rather impatient, added to the butler who did not ask anything else.

“Well, the mess in the office is…”

It was the butler who found the answer to Seidrick, who couldnt even gloss over it.

“It looks like a cat.

I will organize it well.”

It was an expression of willingness not to ask anymore and not to make a noise.

Seidrick nodded with a long sigh.

Then, with eyes full of worries, he pursued the side where Alyssa had gone.

“She will be fine.

First of all, I think it would be better for Sir to wash up first.”

At the recommendation of the butler, Seidrick also took a heavy step.

Alyssa, who was crying and stamping her foot like a missing child, didnt leave his head.

Seidrick frowned in his eyes.

Why are all these things stepping into my eyes

Please, I hope Alyssa has a good nights sleep.

Forget about the damn royal family.

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Sasha didnt tell Alyssa, but she was blind to the magic of the forest.

Even though Alyssa went as if she would die, she came back with a smile.

She believed she would come back alive this time as well.

And Alyssa came back to life as Sasha expected.

She was frozen as her body was all wet, but she was still alive.


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