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It was only after quite a long time that Alyssa opened her eyes.

Sasha didnt wake Alyssa because she hadnt been able to sleep properly.

They said she came across the lake and she fell.

And when Alyssa opens her eyes.

“You should have been careful! Are you doing this because you want to see my heart drop”

She cried, and she embraced Alyssa.

Telling her how much shes done.

“…Im okay, Sasha.

How long has it been”

For some reason, it didnt seem like she slept a day or two.

Even her body felt light, as if she had sweat it away.

Sasha replied, flashing her nose.

“One week.

Do you know how surprised I was Because of the fever and cold in the middle…”

“Im fine…”

“You werent really okay! They say you have to take medicine all the time.

Are you going to take medicine”

Sasha was driven with impatience.

Alyssa, pushed by the momentum, nodded.

“Okay, calm down.”

Fortunately, Sasha didnt seem to have any idea that she jumped into the lake.

She was glad.

If Sasha finds out about that, she may come out with her to plunge into the water.

So secretly, Alyssa relieved and asked Sasha.

“What about the gardener who saved me”


Is it him Of course, he returned to the garden.”

Sasha remembered the person who carried Alyssa.

Of course, the people that Alyssa and Sasha were thinking were different, but neither was aware of it.

For Alyssa, Sid.

For Sasha, Gilbert.

Sasha recalls a gardener living in a magical forest.

Perhaps he, too, was the pillar of magic that Alyssa experienced in the garden.

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“Im glad youre okay.

Im terrified that as soon as you get up, you will fall again.”

“Im okay.”

Shes not going to be okay in the future.

After Alyssa completely rejects the royal request, what will be the reaction

Maybe shell be killed.

Maybe Cambridge will be attacked.

She thought she should tell Seidrick about the royal affair.

Only then will he be able to defend against royal attacks.

It was when Alyssa was contemplating how to deliver the words.



And there was a word that came from the Duke…”

Sasha looked at Alyssas eyes.

She didnt know how her master would react.

“…Well, he said that it doesnt seem like a good influence for the Madam to go back and forth to the palace…”

“What does that mean”

Alyssa asked, opening her eyes wide.

Could it be that her behavior had a harmful effect on Cambridge Her heart began to thump out of fear.

Even her ears seem to get hot.

What did Avery do to Cambridge again…

Alyssa shudders and slips off her blanket.

It was time she tried to lower her legs, thinking that she had to enter the palace right away.

“Do not enter the palace.

The madam is no longer a member of Avery but Cambridge…”

Sasha looked at Alyssas eyes.

“Alyssa Cambridge is forbidden to go out.

She can only go with the permission of the Duke of Cambridge.”

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Alyssa used to show attachment to the royal family without her knowing it.

Whether she accepts any unreasonable demands, or she stays silent to their violence.

Although Sasha might seem frustrated to her, she couldnt say anything to Alyssa because its her family.

Sasha couldnt be part of Alyssas family.

Even now, she couldnt figure out what Alyssa would think about Duke Seidricks dogma.

Thats why Sashas words became slower and slower.

“Banned from going out… This is the first time in my life.”

A light smile spread over Alyssas face, bluntly muttering as she sat on her bed.

Her husband, who she didnt even know the face of, put Alyssa in a harness, saying that she could not go out, but she doesnt understand why she is so happy.

She was trembling with thrilling joy in her heart, which had been running out of fears up to now.

Alyssas earlobe turned red.

It would be because she knew that Seidricks ban on going out wasnt to force her.

He is trying to protect Alyssa by putting her inside a fence called Cambridge.

It seemed that her heart was warming.

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