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Oh, of course, when Alyssa got married, she had a fortune from the royal family.

However, it was a small fortune.

Even if she gave it out, it wasnt a very generous amount.

“I want to pay him back, assistant.”

Alyssa said again.

“…Its okay, Duchess, Ill tell you what I know.

Yes, the royal family did exactly what you asked for in terms of cost.

However, he said that the amount he paid for the Duchess was not so easy to fill and that it was a proper expenditure.”

“…I think he has made an unfair contract with the royal family.

It wouldnt have been a fair expenditure.

They took it like a thief in the first place…”

Alyssa glanced at Pauline, squeezed her mouth, and let out a sigh.

It is because she found the aide looking at her with surprised eyes.

“Im sorry, assistant, because I was upset.

Anyway, I want to pay him back.”

“…It cannot be converted to the current market price.”

Alyssas eyes darkened at Paulines answer.

“No way, he really… the ownership of the iron ore business…”


“Oh, thats not it!”

“…Thank goodness.”

Alyssa smiled with a somewhat relieved expression.

Pauline exclaimed in a small voice as she watched her lips unravel.

What should I say to such a smile

Yes, there was something that made people move.

Something that makes peoples hearts flutter.

“Would this be enough then”

Alyssa pulled out what she had prepared in advance.

It was a blank check issued by the bank.

Alyssa put all her money she had saved in the bank.

Besides, her cash was growing more extensive thanks to her novel, which started publishing in a new womens magazine.

She proved that she is a compelling writer again, and the magazine was talking about signing her next story in advance.

Since Alyssa started her serialization, the number of sales of the magazines has increased.

Of course, she had someone else who signed a contract with the magazine on behalf of Alyssa.

It was Sashas only younger sister, who was a sincere kid working at the bank.

Thanks to her, Alyssa was able to continue working as a mystic writer.

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Alyssa had a record of serializing novels in several magazines, so she saved money.

After she finished the series, it was also published as a separate book and sold in flames.

Was that all Alysas books were gaining sensational popularity in other continents as well.

So this is nothing.

Alyssa picked up the pen on the table and wrote the numbers in neat letters.

“Oh, five hundred gold”

Pauline opened her eyes wide.

“Is this enough”

“Well, thats it…”

Pauline puffed his mouth like a carp.

She felt strangely unable to breathe.

Paulines fingers trembled with Alyssas blank check.

This was too much for the price Seidrick dedicated to the emperor today.

Its still too much.

She doesnt know what will happen in the future…

“Is it not enough”

Alyssa bites her lips.

Meanwhile, it seems that the royal family has been treating Alyssa like a maid doing the chores, and the royal family has sold her for a very high price.

It was when Alyssa was about to pull out a new blank check.

Pauline shook her head.

“Too much! This is too much.

I dont know this much…”

“If so, just take it, assistant.”

With an effortless smile, Pauline shook his head to refuse.

“…When I got married, I couldnt even prepare a proper dowry.

Please accept this as a reward for what I owe to Cambridge.”

“But Duchess…”


“If the Duke doesnt accept it… Oh, what if the assistant pretends she doesnt know and accepts it Say its an anonymous investor.”

Somehow, Alyssa planned to pass this money on to Pauline.

She hated for Cambridge to be harmed by Alyssa anymore.

She stubbornly raised her body.

She was thinking of running away to her room, avoiding Pauline trying to catch her.

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But Pauline was more snobbish than she thought.

Pauline was thinking of things she could do with 500 gold rather than thinking she had to give back this money.

She will be able to hire more workers, and she will be able to build commercial sailing ships.

What they started for five years could have succeeded in three years.


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