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It was a place he never thought would be his, so he was busy just adjusting and learning to work it.

Instead of returning to the mansion, he was staying in a hotel.

Not only that, but Seidrick was scheduled to leave to win the right to southern iron ore mining business on behalf of Kendrick.

He has been getting ready to go down to the southern part of the country lately.

Now he had to soothe investors who wanted to pull out, to get funding and hire reliable workers.

Pauline was Kendricks secretary and now Seidricks secretary.

She was instrumental in helping Seidrick in general.

Everything, from signing contracts, making a list of things he needs, and so on.

He was in charge of most of the work alone, so he had to find an aide to help him.

Seidrick had tons of work to do, and Pauline was only a part of it.

Apart from that, he has to take care of Ophelias birthday and take care of her mothers health.  And…


Only now, a person came to mind who he had forgotten intentionally or unconsciously.

‘I have never thought of the princess.

He felt a slight guilt.

But, hes married…

In the end, Princess Alyssa was also placed on Seidricks shoulder.

Like it or hate it, but now she is a person to take care of.

The princess is a precious daughter of the Avery family.

If the princess talks to the royal family about the unfair treatment she received at Cambridge…


Nothings working.

Seidrick took off his gloves, crumpled them into his back pocket and swept his face down.

Before leaving, he must instruct Leons to take care of the princess.

Does the princess know that he is leaving for the south

‘Should I talk about it

No, he doesnt have to.

It was something to be told by someone from the mansion anyway.

Seidrick didnt want to face her yet.

When he faced Alyssa, he had no confidence not to hate her.

There was no confidence that he would not spit out anger at her on behalf of the royal family.

Because Kendrick was still like a lingering trail for Seidrick.

It was time for him to move back the steps he had paused.

“Excuse me!”

Seidrick stopped again at the voice calling for him.

Alyssa grabs the hem of his shirt while breathing hard.

Seidrick pulled out his shirt, frowning on his forehead.

“Why do you do that”

“Oh, well.”

Alyssa rolled her eyes and opened her lips.

“I read it in a book before, but I heard that animals such as foxes and wolves also live in such large forests.


“That kind of animal doesnt live here.

You can rest assured.”

“Oh, thats fortunate.

Its the first time I came out alone.”

Alyssa said.

This was the first time someone had been so hospitable to her in this mansion.

So she was hesitating, thinking about what to say because she didnt want to let him go.

Seidrick, who was looking at Alyssas small face, frowned.


Kendricks figure overlaid Alyssa.

It was as expected.

Seidrick was still just a foolish human.

Alyssa and the royal family.

An inseparable bridle tied Kendrick to her.

Her brother felt like a ghost circling around Alyssa.

For Seidrick, the princess was the original sin of the royal family.

Thats why.

Seidrick turned to a cold, stiff face.

He didnt want to talk with Alyssa anymore.

Fortunately, she didnt seem to have noticed Seidricks identity.

So she wont be able to go to the royal family and say useless words.

Seidrick moved his steps as fast as he can as if hes being chased.


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As she stared in vain at Seidrick, who was moving away with big strides, Alyssa took out her hand.

She was so excited.

A person she likes in this mansion.

Alyssa tapped the floor with the nose of her shoe.

Her heart, which had swollen like a balloon, seemed to sink and go out.

Alyssa couldnt take her gaze from the mans back as he was moving away for a long time.

But soon she turned to her drooping shoulders.

Its okay though.

If you walk a little further, there will be a cosmos colony, and Sasha is waiting for her when she goes back.

Wasnt there only them two in the first place Sasha also stayed with her, so she could survive.


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