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Seidrick glanced back, but Alyssa didn’t come out.

Even though the fishing rod leaned, the lake was bent around, and his bucket was full.

She must have been told that he will only be in the mansion today…

He glanced at the basket next to him.

He had put in the eggs that he had brought to give to Alyssa.

He surely thought she would get the egg, but there was no news from Alyssa.

‘Is she sick’

Obviously, she didn’t look so upset for not being allowed to go to the royal family.

Seidrick swept his head in a complicated mind.

If she breathes the sun-drenched lake and the fresh breeze, the pain that has stained Alyssa’s heart will be washed away in no time.

“It’s hard…”

The situation in which Alyssa and Seidrick were faced was complicated.

When the royal family was quiet, they could cause problems, and they were piled up like a wall between them.

It’s a wall that won’t break easily even if Seidrick knocks with strength.

If Kendrick’s ashes come back and Alyssa is wholly freed from the royal family, will she be okay

A contradictory mind struck Seidrick twelve times a day.

The news of Cambridge’s glorious resurrection came to the public, and invitations were pouring into the mansion horribly.

Juliana usually took care of all this, but now it’s Alyssa’s job.

However, with Alyssa’s current state, it was unlikely that she could overcome the strong socialite ladies.

That’s why Seidrick intercepted the invitations that had to be delivered to Alyssa and threw them into the fireplace.

Maybe she doesn’t even know this fact.

Besides, he doesn’t know in any way she might come in contact with the royal family… In the case of Princess Vanessa, she was freely going in and out of social circles.

In addition, it may put some pressure on Alyssa at the time when there is news about Crown Prince Cruno’s imminent marriage.

Seidrick scratched his forehead.

Pauline said it was for Alyssa to decide…

“…It’s difficult.”

He didn’t want to drive her when she was likely to break.

Seidrick sighed, frowning his eyes.

Alyssa may know that the crown prince’s wedding was held around winter.

Until then, Alyssa’s feet can not be tied.

Seidrick glanced at the mansion again.

Alyssa, who was much thinner than when he first saw her, kept stepping into his heart.

The royal family will be inviting Cambridge to the wedding, but Seidrick probably will not be invited.

The royal family still kept Cambridge in check with their dull feeling of inferiority.

He’s already worried about what Alyssa will go through there.


Seidrick stroked his head and turned.

Did Alyssa come out



But she wasn’t the one who he was waiting for, and it was Ophelia.

“Why are you so disappointed You told me to come out to the garden sometime.”

Ophelia replied with a sulk, and she tumbled over to Seidrick’s side.

Her sister’s little face was pale.

“I came out with a big heart…”

Seidrick stretched out his arms and messed up Ophelia’s hair.

Ophelia, who raised her knees and buried her face there, took a deep breath.

“Someday, if you bring Kendrick, let’s spread him on this lake.”

Ophelia mumbled in her tear-stained voice.

It’s not bad since this is Kendrick’s favorite place.

Seidrick nodded.


Spring passed faster than she thought.

And the summer, when it was the hardest for Alyssa to bear, passed by at a similar speed.

In the meantime, Alyssa began to enter the social world again.

She wasn’t a princess in charge of Avery’s chores, but because she had many parties to attend as the Duchess of Cambridge.

Socialites wanted to connect with Cambridge, which is praised as the rising morning star, and Alyssa became their target.

Of course, Ophelia was in a similar situation, but she was still young, so she was able to escape people’s targets.

Alyssa had to attend social gatherings at least three or four times a week.

Seidrick has been trying to say that Alyssa doesn’t have to attend the meeting, but she adamantly refuses.

As long as she stays in Cambridge, she decides to live as the mistress there.

 She didn’t want to evade what she had to do.

Thanks to this, she encountered situations like this.


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