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The time is coming soon, and she has to take a break from work to give birth to a child.

But that’s why she and the child don’t have the money to live with.

Listening to Lira’s story, the child’s father was just not there.

A gambler.

What sort of man is it

She was contemplating how to deal with this situation and called the chief maid.

“Madam, have you called”


The chief maid.

I called because I had something to ask.

How did you deal with the case of pregnant women among the employees working in the mansion”

Alyssa thought it wasn’t wrong to ask for precedent.

The maid chief replied to the question, nodding her head.

“The Grand Madam usually gave them three months of paid leave.”


Paid vacation wasn’t a bad idea, but more fundamental measures were needed.

Having a child and raising it alone is not an easy task… Besides, wouldn’t it be possible to leave a child alone and work


Surely there will be some people working after having children in the mansion.


“That’s right.”

“How do they care for their children”

“As far as I know, it’s either looking for another job or leaving it to the relatives.”

“Hmm… I heard that there is an unused annex in the mansion.

It costs upkeep, but no one uses it.”

“Yes, Madam.”

Alyssa tapped her cheek with her finger.

“I think it would be better to use the money that goes in anyway.

Open a room on the first floor of the annex to host the children of the employees.

The most spacious room.

And it would be nice to choose someone to take turns caring for the children alternatively among the employees raising children.”

“But… Can I do that”

The maid chief said with an anxious face.

They certainly had a place in the annex that could be used for that.

However, it was a method no one tried.

Alyssa used to come up with groundbreaking and rational solutions often, but this time again as well.

Lira, who had been crying and sniffing her nose, looked at the eyes of her and the maid chief.

“There must be a budget for it.

I’ll pay for that, maid chief.

Try to run some of the budget allotted to me.”

The chief maid opened her mouth.

What kind of master does this for the employees It is the lady’s budget that is not enough to buy luxury goods.

However, she has never seen Alyssa spend the money wastefully.

“I think I can exercise this right…”

“That’s right, madam.”

“Then I’ll see you do it.”

Alyssa smiled brightly.

Even Lira was eagerly looking at the maid.

“…I will implement it.

I think I will have to ask the Grand Madam in advance for this matter.”

“Of course.

I will tell her.”

“Yes, Madam.”

Lira, having solved her worries, left the parlor.

Alyssa, who said she could come anytime if she had any difficulties, resolved her concerns this time as well.

* * *

“Maid chief…”

“What happened”

“…Was the madam an angel in her previous life”

“…I do not know.”

The chief maid turned her head and curved her mouth.

The employees, who did not hide their hostility toward her initially, were gradually changing their attitude toward her.

And some started to praise Alyssa like this.

Her good deeds and her heart touched others as well.

Those who had said that Alyssa had come to ruin Cambridge regretted their past words and actions.

As Alyssa’s reputation improved, the maid chief’s shoulders were strangely strained.

The pride of having such a great person as the madam is rising anew.

“She’s a great person, really, because I was worried about having to die like this with my baby.”

There was no need for Alyssa to look into the circumstances of her subordinates.

However, there was a case where Alyssa solved a maid’s job, which had previously lost all of the money for her child’s hospital bills after being robbed.

On behalf of the maid, she accused the standing guards, returned her money, and introduced a physician for the child.

Alyssa kept her own words, which is to come to her without hesitation, whenever they have a hard time.


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