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Alyssa took great care and peeled off the fish scales.

Now she was learning how to trim and bake fish from Seidrick in a proper way.

He was seeing her rounding her lips seriously with her sleeves rolled up.

Crack, every time the scales came off, Alyssa’s eyes sparkled.

‘It must be fun.’

Seidrick glanced at Alyssa and gave a pale smile.

Her focused face makes her look like a child.

It was cute, like a chick.

From early in the morning, thanks to the invitation sent by Cruno, he had calmed down.

He refused by roughly looking around the world, but it is evident that he would stick with it tenaciously.

The King or prince.

Because they were a family who didn’t know to give up.

Even if it wasn’t, Seidrick’s mind was complicated.

It’s Kendrick’s anniversary in a while.

It meant that it wouldn’t be too long before Alyssa would find out about him.

‘Should I wear a hat’

He has no desire to reveal his identity to Alyssa in such a sudden way.

She will definitely get hurt.

The longer he concealed his identity, the more he was getting scared.

Alyssa really seemed to believe that there was a gardener named ‘Sid’ that talked to her…

So, it’s been a complicated thing these days.

Still, he couldn’t leave out Kendrick’s anniversary, and Seidrick clicked his tongue and rummaged through the bonfire.

As soon as he breathed his breath, the fire burned brightly.

“Is this enough”

Seidrick tried hard to hold back his laughter as he looked at the scales that got peeled off.

The result was disastrous for the hard work, but fortunately, they still had many fish flesh left.

He thought he would have to share the rest with Gilbert and Mona and take it to the mansion if it was still there.

Seidrick glanced at Alyssa and opened his mouth.

“You’ll have to do a little more.”

Skillfully peeling off the remaining scales, Seidrick held out to Alyssa.

“Oh, I need to practice a lot.”

Alyssa took out another fish and strengthened her spirit.

She was determined as she wore a comfortable riding suit and an oversized shirt.

Her hair tied high looked different.

“I think we have about a week left.

I have to practice at home to imitate you.”

“You can do well.

You did an outstanding job for your first time.”

“Really It seems a little comforting when Sid says so.”

Alyssa seemed to be steaming around her as she was enthusiastic.

Seidrick even trimmed the fish that Alyssa had peeled off the scales and threw it into the bucket.

He poured water, chopped the potatoes and onions he had prepared, and added spices.

“Huh What is this”

“I’m going to boil it.”

Seidrick showed the white rice in the basket.

“Wow… I’ve never tried this before.”

“It will be delicious.”

He prepared it because he thought she would get bored.

After all, she has been eating fish all the time while practicing grilling fish.

The chef sincerely packed the lunch box, and things kept popping out like a magic basket.

Seidrick put his hand in the basket and pulled out a chicken.

“Huh What else is that”

I know, right.

This was so unexpected that Seidrick gave a ridiculous smile.

He said he wanted to eat something a little different, but it seems that the chef was too much.

Still, grilled chicken is indeed a delicacy.

Seidrick skillfully crafted the skewers.

“I will eat a lot of different things today.”

“I hope it fits Lisa’s taste.”

“Everything I eat in the garden is delicious.

Someone close to me will call this a magical garden.”

Alyssa grinned and said.

She knew some time ago that Sasha called it the magical garden.

Magical garden.

Alyssa gazed into the lake in front of her.

This was the last peaceful place for her.

It was also a place where she could think of death and life at the same time.

Recently, Alyssa began to dream of her new dream.

After all the work is done, she hopes to see the end in such a big and beautiful lake.

She pretended to be fine, but Alyssa’s inside was still rotting.

It was natural that the rotten parts of her hadn’t been cut out.

Violet eyes trembled helplessly.

Cambridge, Ophelia, Juliana, Kendrick, Seidrick, and many others.

And those who criticize and take advantage of Alyssa.

Except for those in the garden, there are only those who make Alyssa’s mind noisy.

Alyssa’s exhausted heart had the same thoughts every time.

‘I would rather die.’

When she looked at that vast lake, the thought became more intense.

She felt like she would be able to find rest after she was immersed in the bottom of the beautiful lake and died.

However, that is not supposed to be here.

Even Alyssa’s death couldn’t be a nuisance.


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