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“Oh, what is all this”

Gilbert was handed a basket from Seidrick.

Alyssa and Seidrick appear side by side in the hut.

Seidrick glanced urgently at Gilbert, who had no idea what to do.

‘Be natural!’

Fortunately, Alyssa smiled as if she couldn’t read any signs.

“Because I caught too many fish.

I came here to share it with you before dinner.

Are we too late”

“No way.

Customers are always welcome.

Besides, it’s still before dinner, so Mona will love it.”

Fortunately, Gilbert flexibly took it over.

Seidrick said, swallowing a sigh of relief.

“Then I have to go back home.”

Gilbert quickly looked at the two and shook his head.

He thought it would be nice if Alyssa and Seidrick could get closer together.

Seidrick and Alyssa were good people, and it would be nice if they could strengthen each other.

Of course, they are awkward right now, but will that all be okay once they have a heart for each other

Gilbert carefully looked at Alyssa’s eyes and spoke to her.

“This time, Mona’s fruit wine was all done.

If you two have some time, would you like to have a drink and go”

“Fruit wine”

Alyssa opened her eyes round.

She never had drunk alcohol.

Isn’t alcohol usually done between close friends No one offered Alyssa a drink, and she had no one to show it to.

But she didn’t dare to drink alone.

It was usually parents or older relatives who taught one to drink when they became adults, but Alyssa had no one to do so.

That is why she has never been able to drink alcohol.

Alyssa gathered her appetite.

Gilbert made a desirable offer.

It is a life without regrets, but some people offer her this.

It was even a little touching.

Alyssa replied with a trembling voice.


Seidrick, trying to refuse, eventually nodded.

He cannot let Alyssa drink alone and return to the mansion.

In addition, with such a thin face, her eyes twinkled… Seidrick swept his face down, hiding her embarrassment in his rumbling chest.

“Then I’ll set up the table with Mona.”

Seidrick said.

“Oh, me too.”

“I am faster than Lisa.

Um… I’m sorry to say this, but Lisa…”

Alyssa raised his hands.

“My hands are a little slow…”

She was quick to admit.

Still, she was a princess, and Alyssa had never done anything about housekeeping.

She was overwhelmed by simply digesting the compelling lessons of the queen’s dogmatic classes even to have time to do anything else.

It was a life like a bird with only special status.

“Then, how about Miss Lisa setting the table with me Mona is much better at cooking, so I’ll do the rest.”

“That’s not bad.”

Alyssa blushed her cheeks and nodded.

It’s better to do what she can than getting in the way.

That’s how Alyssa opened a new world.


“Wow… this is delicious.”

Alyssa sipped away the fruit wine.

She laughed brightly with her cheeks rising red.

“Is it your first time drinking You drink well.”

Seidrick mumbled with an exclamation and gently pushed a snack in front of Alyssa.

He liked that she looked happy, but he was worried that she would get sick.


It turns out that she was a good drinker.”

“Usually, people drink well if their families drink well too…”

At Mona’s words, Alyssa blinked her eyes.

Alyssa’s family

“Hmm… I don’t have a family, and I’m the blood of…”

With a smiling face, she casually spits out painful words.

Gilbert, Mona, and Seidrick’s eyes met at the same time.

It was because they knew whose blood Alyssa was talking about.

But she doesn’t have a family

Seidrick frowned and tried to say something to her, but Alyssa was quick.

“I wonder if those people drank well…”


When she thinks about it, Norfe did drink like it was water, but it seems like Vanessa drank quite a bit… What about the king and queen She couldn’t even see Cruno’s face correctly…

“Have you never drunk together”

Mona asked.


Nobody offered me.”

Alyssa blinked beautifully.

“So I was pleased today.

They say that drinking together is only for close friends.

We’ve gotten pretty close, haven’t we”

Such a promising expression.

Mona nodded her head vigorously.

“Of course! I thought we were close before”

“Then are we friends”

“If you say no, I will be disappointed.”

Alyssa dimly laughed as if she was going to cry.

As Sasha says, this was a magical garden.

The things she hadn’t enjoyed were given so easily in the garden.


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