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Seidrick instructed the knight guarding the mansion door to bring Ophelia.

Luckily, her sister came down quickly with the maids who took care of her before she went to bed.

Ophelia promptly closed the door, discovering that Seidrick was standing with Alyssa outside the front door.

One way or another, she was Seidrick’s assistant.

“What’s wrong with this, Seidrick!”

“Alyssa drank some alcohol.”

“Did she drink with Seidrick”

“In Gilbert’s cabin.”

“Oh my God… Alyssa, are you okay”


“She’s completely asleep.”

Ophelia sighed and gestured to her maids.

It was meant to support Alyssa.

Fortunately, among her maids, there was someone who could help with Alyssa.

This is because she quit after being trained as a knight and bumped into the wall of reality.

She carried Alyssa on her back.

“…Was it okay today”


Seidrick, shaking off his clothes, lifted his head as if asking what she was talking about.

“I mean Alyssa.”

Ophelia glanced at Alyssa as she was carried by the maid and went into the mansion.

She was aware of the fact that she was in jeopardy, too.


“She’s getting dry.

She doesn’t laugh very well, and I don’t think she has a better expression or speech than before… Huh.

There must be something better to do.

Does the royal family still like that”

It has been quite a while since Ophelia has not turned her head towards the royal family.


The silence was positive.

Still, the royal family is anxious to get Alyssa, and she is still soaked in her guilt and drying up.

Seidrick put his head down with heavy glances.

“I think Alyssa is doing something.”


“Dangerous things.”

Seidrick recited quietly.

Alyssa has a maid named Sasha.

He was told that Sasha had a younger sibling, and she worked at the bank.

Her younger sister’s name is Maria.

Sasha often meets Maria, but she always carries something out and returns with an empty hand.

And Maria makes a side income by writing a novel.

The novelist’s pseudonym is ‘Criminal.’ Criminal is a word for a sinner… Alyssa considers herself a sinner, and she must have had such a pseudonym.

‘Alyssa is the author of Clemore.’

That conclusion was reached.

He heard what Alyssa wanted to say through Pauline, who subscribes to the novel.

She has been a fan of the writer Criminal since before.

She has all the novels written by Alyssa, and she was told that she read them whenever she had time.

Pauline’s face was so red when she first realized Alyssa was the writer of Clemore.

She thought she would just explode.

From that day on, Pauline’s version of Alyssa began to change.

She used to use the title of “Our writer” rather than “Madam” when she talked with Seidrick privately.

Pauline seems happy to know that Alyssa is a mindful and awake person enough to write such a great novel, but it wasn’t the same case with Seidrick.

‘Alyssa wants to destroy the royal family.’

The heavy conclusion seemed to smack Seidrick.

The article Alyssa sent to the temple was also secretly intercepted and read.

She was swaying the kingdom calmly and quietly.

“What the hell is she doing…”

“…What everyone has to do but can’t do.

Ophelia, take care of Alyssa.”


Ophelia nodded her head without difficulty.

She has already accepted Alyssa.

Numerous barriers block them, so people cannot approach them, but Ophelia wanted to protect her step-sister.

Seidrick raised his head as he watched the youthful face quietly recalling a tangible expression.

Alyssa’s bedroom lit up.

She was a more significant and remarkable person than they thought.

She is a person who is more courageous than anyone and who can carry out what she thinks.

Considering the influence of the writer Criminal on the kingdom, it was clear that Alyssa would instill hostility toward the royal family and a willingness to reform the kingdom within a year.

With one word and one sentence, the novel shook people’s hearts.

If someone had a lead, the encouraged people would run out to the streets to condemn the royal family and…

They will impeach them.

His heart thumped and rang.

It seemed that his head was getting blank.

Alyssa was fighting injustice and was trying to abandon the privileges given to her.

Seidrick swallowed dry saliva.

Feelings that any words couldn’t describe were overwhelming.

The royal family has already wronged Cambridge, but in the future Will the same thing repeat in their future

It’s like a dice that has already been thrown, so you only have to wait for the results to come out.

However, Seidrick could only be sure of one thing.

Such arrogant and desperate confidence that Alyssa would be able to do anything behind him if Alyssa stands on the other side of the royal family.

He exhaled a trembling breath.

“…I’m worried about Alyssa.

And also Seidrick.”

“We will be fine.”

Now that he knows, he will protect her.

Seidrick clenched his fist.


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