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“You’ll have to drink some water first.”

Juliana instructed Ophelia to bring Alyssa in.

Ophelia assisted Alyssa to get into the parlor, and with her quivering body, she sat on the chair.

Ophelia offered water for the shivering woman, but Alyssa stubbornly shook her head.

Alyssa bowed her head with a grim face.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”


“…Hmm… Mother.

I’m sorry…”

“Alyssa, what is this…”

It was a long time later after Alyssa, who had been trembling for a long time, came to her senses.

She said in a weak voice.

“…Lord Seidrick is in danger.”

Juliana seemed to have figured out what Alyssa was talking about, and she didn’t ask more.

“Alyssa, the prince has called him to go there.

That’s where Kendrick went before.”

“It’s the hunting ground.

I don’t know what Kruno will do.

Lord Seidrick does not know swordsmanship, unlike Lord Kendrick…”

“Wait a minute.”

Juliana stopped Alyssa’s words.

She then asked back with a puzzled face.

“Seidrick can’t use swords What are you talking about, Alyssa”



Oh my God, Alyssa.”

Juliana laughed lightly.

Ophelia, too, tilted the teacup in a relaxed manner.

It was a comfortable face as if she knew what Alyssa was saying.

“The fact that Seidrick can’t use a sword is the voice of the people who don’t know.

Because Kendrick is so good in that area, Seidrick is buried.”

“Alyssa, Seidrick once served in one of the most notorious naval bases ever.”


“He likes to move around, but he should have the strength to protect his body.

So he didn’t become a knight like Kendrick, but he continued to practice.

I’m not sure who will win if they fight, but I’ll bet you one.

Seidrick will not fall behind Kendrick.”


Surprised, Alyssa had a hiccup.

It was a fact she never expected.

Compared to Kendrick, Seidrick never came public, so people tended to assume he couldn’t handle the sword, of course.

But wasn’t that the case

Nothing was well known to the social world about Seidrick.

Except that he just likes to go out.

Juliana effortlessly handed over the teacup.

“It’s all right, so drink tea, Alyssa.”

“It’s actually bad luck, but there’s nothing Seidrick can’t do.”


“Why, mother.

It’s true.”

Ophelia sticks out her tongue.

Oh, there are things that he can’t do.

Seidrick seemed clumsy at making relationships with people.

So, he’s still getting overwhelmed with Alyssa.

“Don’t worry about that… Alyssa, you said you wanted to help with the anniversary dinner, right What food are you planning to make”

During this time, she will have to build a friendship with Alyssa.

Ophelia asked her, feeling at ease.

“That… hiccup.

Grilled fish… hiccup.”

“Oh, Kendrick was particularly fond of it.”

It was a subject that could be infinitely heavy, but Ophelia said it as lightly as possible.

“Ophelia, hiccup.

Do you know, Ophelia”

Alyssa took a deep breath and said.

From what Ophelia had been saying so far, it was clear that Cruno would not even be a match for Seidrick.

He just knew how to imitate, but Cruno didn’t know how to use a sword properly.

He wasn’t as sloppy unless they were those who couldn’t use the blade at all.

Thanks to this, she was able to talk with a relaxed mind.


He learned from Gilbert.

With my father.

Seidrick, Kendrick, me.

Everyone can make seafood dishes at a fairly high level.

Oh, of course, the gardeners are all good too.”

Ophelia looked at Alyssa’s eyes and hurriedly added her words.

“May I help you”


Alyssa opened her eyes wide and asked back.

She was actually in the dark.

Her job is coming, but she couldn’t practice every day, and now she’s barely peeling fish scales.

Of course, she could ask the chef for help, but they’ll know the chef’s cooking.

There was a limit to explaining in words.

But like this, the savior appeared, and she knows how to cook well.

Alyssa nodded her head slightly.

“I think it would be nice to do that.”


Then, would you like to go to the kitchen while you’re at it It’s still before mealtime so that it won’t bother the chef.”

“Okay, then I’ll change my clothes first and come out.”

“Take your time.”

Ophelia calmed Alyssa, who was struggling.

In fact, she was worried about how to talk to Alyssa every time, but an opportunity came unexpectedly.

Ophelia sighed in relief as Alyssa exited the parlor.


Even if it weren’t for the royal family, it wouldn’t be this difficult.”

Juliana bit her mouth, trying to condemn her for being careful.

It was because she no longer wanted to show any courtesy to the royal family.

Now it seemed that the swearing would come out of the mouth of the noble Juliana to the royal family who was about to touch Seidrick.


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