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Chapter 1631: Price To Pay

Xia Yi took a sip of his tea before answering, “All of you here should already know that my Xia family is Progenitor Chens true descendants, and that his blood flows within us.

Progenitor Chen cultivated the Nine Clones Technique, and one of his clones created the Cosmic Art, which forms the foundation of what we currently know as the Cosmic Sect.

Everyone should be clear on the immense power the Cosmic Sect wields, but the inheritance of the Cosmic Art should have rightfully been given to the Xia family, as we are descended from Progenitor Chen.

Thus, it is not only necessary for the Xia family to have taken the Skystar Jade Wall, it is proper as well.

“Only descendants of Progenitor Chen are capable of utilizing the true strength of the Cosmic Art.

The Cosmic Sect has dominated the universe and was established from the advantage of the Cosmic Art that Progenitor Chen created.

However, their actions are truly nothing more than thievery, as they had blatantly stolen the Xia familys inheritance.”

Ku Pu frowned.

“We all know about that, but the Cosmic Sect has long maintained their position in the Neoverse, and their influence is no longer something that can be changed.

Senior Xia Jis recent actions have caused all of the families of the Seven Courts to become enemies of both the Cosmic Sect and Eversky Island.

This change has created a very unfavorable situation for when our Seven Courts descendants venture out into the universe.

The only explanation we ask from you is if these consequences are truly worth just gaining the Skystar Jade Wall”

None of the people seated at this meeting were fools, and they all understood that Xia Ji would most likely not have taken such actions for the Cosmic Art alone, as that was not a powerful enough motive to allow the the Seven Courts become an enemy of both the Cosmic Sect and Eversky Island.

All of the family leaders had guessed that Xia Ji had another, hidden motive that he had kept secret.

All of them had gathered for this meeting in order to uncover his hidden motive.

The Seven Courts shared all gains, but also similarly shouldered all trials as one.

Thus, they needed to know the truth of this matter as well.

Xia Yi did not answer Ku Pus question directly, but instead said, “Everyone, please be at ease.

The Elder has already started negotiations with Arch-Elder Zen, and the tensions will be eased as soon as possible.”

“Eased How the hell is that going to happen Its not as if youre going to return the Cosmic Art to the Cosmic Sect after all the trouble it took to seize it in the first place, will you” Yōu Kexin scoffed.

Ce Laoyan stared at Xia Yi.

“Lets just put everything out on the table: why exactly did the Xia family grab the Skystar Jade Wall Does the Skystar Jade Wall contain something worth starting a war with both the Cosmic Sect and Eversky Island Since our Seven Courts are intended to act as one in position and action, we need to know the reason for this.”

“I really want to know why~” Xie Ahua flashed Xia Yi a seductive smile as she focused on him.

Xia Yis eyes flickered with a hint of uncertainty.

Truth be told, he had no idea how to even begin to explain Xia Jis actions to his peers.

At that moment, Xia Jis shadow suddenly appeared.

Hui Zhi and the others quickly stood and bowed low.

“We juniors offer our respects to Senior Semi-Progenitor.”

“We offer our respects to Senior Semi-Progenitor.”

Xia Ji spoke in an indifferent tone, “The Xia family has given the Triple Blade Will to the Cosmic Sect as compensation for their loss.

With that, this recent incident has been resolved.

Everyone may return and continue your activities as normal.”

Hui Zhi and the others were shocked beyond words, and their emotions fluctuated violently within their hearts.

The Triple Blade Will was the blade technique that had been traditionally passed down within the Xia family, and it was almost as important to the Xia family as the Cosmic Art was to the Cosmic Sect.

The Triple Blade Will was a technique that could only be inherited within the family.

The Xia family had risen to power from the overlapping power of their blades, and the Triple Blade Will was their most fearsome technique.

Despite all of that, they had actually given it to the Cosmic Sect in exchange for the Skystar Jade Wall Just what did Xia Ji expect to find inside it

If the Xia family was willing to give away even their Triple Blade Will, Hui Zhi and everyone else clearly understood the stakes of the matter.

The exorbitant price that they had willingly paid indicated that Xia Ji had gained something potentially even more valuable.

What could Xia Ji have gained Despite being a Semi-Progenitor, Xia Ji still did not possess the right to give his familys Triple Blade Will to the Cosmic Sect so casually.

This was a matter concerning the Xia familys inheritance.

Still, things could have turned out differently if the man had managed to convince the Xia family to support him.

The more various family leaders considered the matter, the clearer their grasp of the situation: acquiring the Skystar Jade Wall had been more important to Xia Ji than absolutely anything else.

“So What more do you wish to know” Xia Ji looked around at everyone as he calmly asked.

Hui Zhi and the others glanced at each other, but they really no longer had a choice in the matter.

They all left.

They had no right to question the matter any further with what Xia Ji had shared, though if they had known that their meeting would end in this manner, they would have brought along their own families most powerful elders.

After everyone else had left, Xia Yi bowed low to Xia Ji and said, “Elder, this-”

He was instantly cut off by Xia Ji, who commanded, “Show yourself.”

Xia Meng appeared at the side of the hall and she looked straight at Xia Ji.

“Elder, is this really worth it”

Xia Ji smiled.

It was far too rare to see a smile on his face, as he had not done so since becoming a Semi-Progenitor.

Xia Yi had never seen the elder smile, and according to his memory, Xia Ji had only ever smiled once before, and that had been regarding something that had happened thousands of years ago.

“Is it worth the cost paid for a descendant of Progenitor Chen to obtain his inheritance” Xia Ji responded with his own question.

Xia Meng remained calm, and quietly replied, “Everything was done merely for the Cosmic Art.

I dont believe its worth such a price.”

Xia Jis lips curled up into another smile as he said, “What if its for the possibility of becoming a Progenitor”

Xia Meng and Xia Yi were startled, and they stared at Xia Ji in disbelief.

Xia Jis expression suddenly grew solemn, and he commanded, “Xia Yi, excuse yourself.”

Xia Yis face grew pale, but he immediately bowed low and left the room.

Even though Xia Yi was the Xia family patriarch, Xia Ji had been very displeased with the man since the matter with Xia Jiuyou.

At the moment, Xia Ji would no longer even allow Xia Yi to participate in this particular conversation.

After Xia Yi had left, Xia Ji spoke rather flatly, “Within the Skystar Jade Wall lies the greatest inheritance of Progenitor Chens cosmic clone: the rotating stars of the Cosmic Art.

How could you know with absolute certainty that some of the stars in this universe were not brought into existence by the Cosmic Art”

Xia Mengs face twisted in confusion.

“Brought into existence by the Cosmic Art True stars”

Xia Ji nodded.

“Once cultivated to its peak, the Cosmic Art can allow the cultivator to create true stars, and even give birth to life.

This is a key difference between a Progenitor and a Semi-Progenitor.

Progenitor Chen was unrivaled throughout his entire life, and he was able to face nine of his peers alone.

He became the most formidable figure in all of history! No matter if one considers his giant clone, his cosmic clone, or even his illusory clone, each and every one of them was able to fight against a Progenitor alone, and each and every one of them was also able to create life; transforming the rotten and lifeless into miracles and life.”

“Stars created by Progenitor Chens Cosmic Art exist in this very universe.

If one can gain control of these stars, they will also gain control of the civilizations living off those stars.

Doing so can instantly grant the Xia family an infinite amount of power, but even more importantly.” He paused to stare at Xia Meng before continuing.

“By seizing the power of Progenitor Chens stars, a person will be able to surpass Progenitor realm tribulations to finally become a Progenitor.”

Xia Meng gasped, and her eyes blazed with excitement.

“Really One can become a Progenitor in this manner”

Xia Ji laughed.

“Thats only natural.

How could a Progenitors tribulation not be overcome with Progenitor Chens power Lingzhi Mavis died during her tribulation, and her death has left the rest of us Semi-Progenitors feeling nervous to attempt our breakthroughs.

Even though that old man Gong is getting on in years, does he dare challenge his tribulation Highsage Grandmaster has mastered many sourcebox arrays and has been making preparations on Eversky Island for countless years, but does he dare face his tribulation Even Arch-Elder Zen does not have the courage, and thats simply because the route to become a Progenitor is far too difficult.

However, I have found my chance here! This is my shortcut to reach that level.

By relying on Progenitor Chens power, I will have a ninety percent chance of successfully passing my tribulation.

After becoming a Progenitor, Ill be the master of the entire Fifth Mainland.”

Xia Meng instantly understood everything.

No wonder, no wonder Xia Ji had been willing to plot against the relatively insignificant Leons Armada despite his exalted status as a Semi-Progenitor.

“Do you feel its worth the price” Xia Ji stared directly at Xia Meng as he asked the question.

Xia Meng bowed low and replied, “Elder possesses great foresight.

You will surely become the next Progenitor Chen.”

Xia Jis eyes gleamed; the next Progenitor Chen That did not sound bad at all! He would indeed become the next Progenitor Chen! At that time, what would the Triple Blade Will matter As long as he managed to become Progenitor, he would be willing to abandon everything else.

What he needed to focus on was cultivating the Cosmic Art and probing at the Skystar Jade Wall.

After that, everything would be taken care of.

XIa Meng suddenly thought of something else, and she asked, “Elder, if such a method exists, why hasnt the Cosmic Sect used it Reasonably, Elder Gong should have managed to take control of those stars long ago.”

Xia Ji shook his head.

“Such things are easier said than done.

While Im not entirely clear one the details either, it has something to do with bloodlines.

The members of the Cosmic Sect were never Progenitor Chens descendants, so how could his inheritance land in their hands We are his true descendants and bear his bloodline! Thus, were sure to succeed.”

Xia Meng nodded.

“This junior will send out orders to seal the Xia family.

From this moment forward, the Xia family will not host any guests or visitors until aver Elders path to Progenitor has been established.”

Xia Ji nodded, and his eyes filled with hope and drifted off to stare into the distance.

Every cultivator dreamed of becoming a Progenitor, and he was right at the edge of accomplishing that.

Fate had truly sided with him.

He had originally believed that Lu Yins interference would cause his plans to fail, but to Xia Jis great surprise, everything had still gone according to his plan.

It was simply heavens will.

The Fifth Mainland needed a powerful Progenitor.

However, there was one detail that Xia Ji had not mentioned and that Xia Meng had also rather ignored: the fact that while the Triple Blade Will was the Xia familys greatest inheritance, it was still a sword technique that was, by its very nature,incompatible with the Cosmic Sect.

In comparison to the miraculous power of the Cosmic Art that could allow any who cultivated it to become a Lockbreaker, the value of the Triple Blade Will was a huge step down.

One of the reasons the Cosmic Sect had agreed to such a compromise was because both Elder Gong and Highsage Grandmaster had been injured, which also meant that the Cosmic Sect could not afford to fight another war if they disagreed to the proposed deal.

The other reason was actually because of Arch-Elder Zens mediation.

The Hall of Honor could overlook the major powers of the Fifth Mainland fighting amongst themselves in chaotic wars, but they would never allow Semi-Progenitors to engage in all-out fights, as Semi-Progenitors were the powerhouses who formed the Fifth Mainlands true foundation.

Not to mention, the Semi-Progenitors were the ones who possessed Origin Matter.

Lu Yin stayed with Leons Armada in the Cosmic Sea for several days.

Highsage Leon had been injured, so Lu Yin was not comfortable leaving right away in case anyone wanted to take the opportunity to attack.

The potential threat he was considering were mercenaries, but things remained relatively quiet for several days, and nothing much at all happened.

The most exciting event was Lu Yin getting chewed out by Big Sis.

The people from Smoke-Eater Peaks and Gods Origin had all left.

The only thing that Lu Yin still felt regretful about was the fact that Jin Mie had managed to escape.

That man escaped at practically the speed of light, which left even Purple God from Gods Origin unable to track the man down.

Jin Mie was a calamity by himself, so even if Lu Yin needed to utilize all his resources and connections, he had to find the man no matter what.

Another thing troubling Lu Yin was that the colossal giants had all disappeared.

Just the day before, the Expeditionary Forces that had attacked Giant Consortium had arrived.

They had been ordered to travel to the Cosmic Sea, and after they arrived, Lu Yin learned that Ku Wei and the others had disappeared.

The Expeditionary Forces had been intimidated into retreating by Chen Huangs strength, and their withdrawal had meant that they had quickly traveled to the Cosmic Sea.

Lu Yin should have been able to get in contact with Ku Wei and the others, as even if they fled to the Outerverse, they should still have been within range of his calls.

He waited two more days, but still could not connect with Ku Wei.

He felt that something was wrong, so Lu Yin sought out Xi Gu, the commander of the Expeditionary Forces.

“I have no idea what you mean by colossal giants,” Xi Gu blatantly denied any knowledge of the giants or visiting Giant Consortiums territory.

Lu Yins eyes instantly turned ruthless and cold, and an astral chessboard appeared beneath his feet.

He instantly appeared right in front of Xi Gu and he slapped a palm at the man.

Xi Gu was startled, as he had not expected Lu Yins sudden attack.

After all, he was the commander of the elite Expeditionary Forces.

Two hands clashed with a loud bang.

Xi Gu tried to use his innate gift Pierce to break through Lu Yins attack, but faced with Lu Yins golden battle force and Vacuum Palm, the specks of white and gray light were useless.

Xi Gus arm was forced to the side from the force, and he retreated many steps.

Two Enlighters from the Expeditionary Forces instantly appeared and joined the fight.

They tried to attack Lu Yin, but they were both instantly captured by his domain and left utterly immobilized.

A bit further away, killing intent radiated from the rest of the Expeditionary Forces, and all of the members glared at Lu Yin.

However, the very next moment, Lu Yins domain had already spread through the area and enveloped all of them.

The soldiers felt like they had been submerged within a swamp.

The commotion drew the attention of people from Leons Armada, and there was a deafening boom as a massive saber struck the ground and sent out shockwaves through the Cosmic Sea.

A terrifying aura swept over the Expeditionary Forces and all the soldiers hairs stood on end.

Everything had happened in less than an instant.

Da Qiu and the others were startled, and they all feared that Leons Armada would launch an attack on the Expeditionary Forces.

What was happening Did the Expeditionary Forces want to carry out some order of the overseers council and capture Highsage Leon That would be an extremely foolish thing to attempt.

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