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Chapter 955: Blood-sucking Scene

But now the world was different.

She once saw an elixir in the Record of Everything.

Its medicinal properties and effects were very likely to be able to solve the underlying cause of the disease.

Therefore, when Hexi heard Nangong Yu talk about Zhuge Xiaotian’s illness for the first time, she suspected that he had gotten porphyria, so she was very anticipated to be able to treat it again.

Hexi was amused when she heard Ren Xueling’s yelling.

As she was about to speak, she suddenly noticed the changes in Zhuge Xiaotian’s aura.

She almost didn’t even think about it and took a step back, and she also pulled Dr.

Chen who was the closest to her.

Ren Xueling couldn’t help but laugh more when she saw her retreating, “Coward, you actually run away.

You still dare to talk to my senior sister…”

Before she finished her words, everyone showed a horrified expression.

Immediately afterward, Zhuge Feng shouted in shock, “Miss Ren, step back!”

However, it was too late.

Ren Xueling only felt something pounced on her, followed by a bloody heat against her neck and ear.

Ren Xueling’s eyes widened in horror with a pale face.

She wanted to look back to see what it was, but her whole body was trembling.

She didn’t dare to move at all.

The next moment, she felt a sharp pain on her neck and heard the sound of the sharp teeth piercing her flesh, making her scream hysterically.

All the people in the basement panicked.

It turned out that Zhuge Xiaotian in the dark room hadn’t sucked enough blood yet, so he suddenly rushed to the Ren Xueling who was the nearest and bit her neck.

Zhuge Feng was panicking.

He quickly commanded the heavy armored guards in the basement to get them to rescue Ren Xueling.

But Ren Xueling was already frightened.

Her spiritual power was channeled like crazy.

The frost condensed from the ice spiritual power attacked Zhuge Xiaotian, causing his body to be riddled with holes.

He finally let her go.

Ren Xueling pushed a doctor beside her to Zhuge Xiaotian without thinking and shouted, “Don’t suck my blood! Go suck someone else’s! Suck his!”

Sure enough, Zhuge Xiaotian immediately bit on the doctor’s neck.


Although the doctor was also at the Meridians Stage, he had never practiced any offensive skills.

At this time, he fainted right away after being bit by Zhuge Xiaotian on his neck.

When other doctors saw him fainted, they thought he was killed by Zhuge Xiaotian.

They shouted in shock, “Kill him! Kill him! Kill this monster!”

Everyone took out magic weapons one after another with faces full of horror, and they were about to attack Zhuge Xiaotian.

Zhuge Feng’s anxious eyes were red.

Although he knew that his son’s symptoms were terrible today, he didn’t expect that his son’s condition would have deteriorated to such an extent in 1 night.

In the past, he just had to suck 3 wind spirit rabbits to regain his consciousness, but this time, after consuming the blood of 6 wind spirit rabbits, the disease is still triggered.

In the past, even if he was bloodthirsty, Zhuge Xiaotian would not attack people madly, but today… why is it today!

If my son is killed as a blood-sucking monster, then I…then I…

Zhuge Feng was anxiously like an ant on a hot pot.

Suddenly, he saw a figure move slightly and came to Zhuge Xiaotian and the fainted doctor.

TL: Who is that Fairy Zhixi or Hexi


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