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Chapter 325: Demon Kiniu, Have you been beaten to death (Part 1)

Time slowly flowed.

The Demon Cage continued to shrink, forcing everyone to approach the center.

At this moment, at the edge of the Demon Cage.

“Ah, fragrant, really fragrant!”

“Damn, it’s time to add meat!”

“Wait, there’s also a Deep Sea King slice.

Hahaha, it’s all mine!”

Four players were sitting around a table, happily eating hotpot.

Not bad!

Eight hours had passed since the start of survival.

Everyone was fighting for survival!

However, these four players had been squatting here eating hotpot for eight hours.

Demons descended

Survival in a dangerous place

Demon Cage Poison Ring


Could there be a Deep Sea King hotpot fragrance

Therefore, the four of them continued eating with a clear conscience.


A terrifying crushing sound slowly approached.

“Eh Did you hear anything”

“Haha, do you still want to use this move to attack Fuck, I won’t fall for it!”

“That’s right, I’ll take this meat!”

Although one of the players sensed that something was wrong, the other three players were holding bowls and laughing loudly.

They did not care at all.

It was only when the countless black netted screens appeared ten meters behind the four of them that the four finally noticed.

“Hold the grass! Demon Cage Poison Ring”

“F*ck, quick, you all know what to do!”

“I understand, I understand!”

The four of them exchanged glances and instantly knew what to do!


The four of them directly lifted the table and activated their second gear to increase their speed.

They ran for over ten miles before stopping.

And then…

“Hahahaha, this Deep Sea King Fishball can be eaten!”

“F*ck, I just cooked the Deep Sea King’s slice, and then I lost it”

“Quick, add some more cabbage from the cabbage man’s body.

Ah, add two more garlic from the garlic man’s body!”

The four of them sat down skillfully and began to eat and drink.

After less than an incense stick’s worth of time, the black demon cage once again closed in.

The four of them skillfully carried the table and ran for more than ten kilometers before eating and drinking.

The person was here, the pot was here!

There was no power to stop me from eating hotpot!

Another place…

“Stop him!!!” A rank 4 demon warrior shouted in fear!


However, in the blink of an eye, a figure arrived and punched, directly destroying this rank 4 demon warrior!

“Whoever blocks my path will die!” This figure roared!

ID: Wang Lufei!

“Ah! Isn’ t this fellow too terrifying”

“Isn’t the blade he’s holding a Blood Feud Could it be that the Seventh Demon General was killed by him”


The three demon warriors fled in panic, but they were still killed by a flying slash!

“This Blood Feud is so strong! And it seemed to be able to devour and kill enemies and increase my cultivation Amazing!” Emperor Zoro raised his Blood Beud, feeling it for a moment, then felt quite satisfied.

Although Emperor Zoro did not intend to rely on the power of a high-grade spirit treasure, after all, that would cause him to slack off and increase his sword intent!

However, Blood Feud was entrusted to him before the Seventh Demon General died.

If he didn’t use it, it would be a little pretentious, especially since the enemy was so powerful!

“If I kill more enemies, I feel that I’ll be able to reach Half-Step Sea Wheel Realm… I wonder if I can rely on this demon saber to break through to the Sea Wheel Realm!” Emperor Zoro thought to himself, then continued forward.

At this moment, forty to fifty demon warriors were following a tall figure, killing all the experts they encountered along the way.

“Lord Mo Kiniu, many human women have been discovered up ahead!”

“That’s right, there are a hundred of them!”

“Hey, Lord Mo Kiniu, let’s enjoy a wave!”

At this moment, one of the demons who was in charge of scouting ahead returned and reported the discovery of a hundred human women.

All the demons were immediately excited.

“Hahaha, a hundred Then I’ll eat ten! It’s not excessive, is it” The eighth demon general, Mo Weizhi, became excited and couldn’t help but drool.

“Mm, not bad, you guys did a good job!” The tall figure laughed and suddenly turned around.

It was Beef Noodles.

“Come, everyone, line up! Stand in formation!” With a wave of his hand, he signaled all the demon fighters to follow him in a train formation.

“” These demon warriors didn’t understand why they had to line up so stupidly.

“Are you stupid Hurry up and line up.

Line up according to your strength.

In a moment, there will be a hundred women! Do you understand” Beef Noodles said.

“I see!”

“As expected of Lord Mo Kiniu, he’s too smart!”

“Hahaha, then I want to be the first!”


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