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She said, clearing her upset heart.

“It’s nice to hang out with Alyssa, but be careful with what you say.

Ophelia, you’re always in a hurry and talk too much.

Don’t let the child get hurt….”

“Yes, yes.

Mother is right.

You are very concerned about everything.”

Ophelia grumbled and raised her body.

Ophelia’s appearance seemed to be like seeing the young Ophelia of her former days.

Juliana paused and smiled sadly.

It was true that time was medicine.

Little by little, everyone was getting better.

Except for the only one, Alyssa.

Please, she was hoping that no one would hurt Alyssa anymore.


As Alyssa and Ophelia were baking the fish, Seidrick was scouring through the hunting grounds.

He was just wandering around because he wasn’t into senseless killing.

Cruno and the group laughed while seeing Seidrick.

“Look at that.

Unlike his brother, he must be the timid one.”

“Give him a very good scolding, Your Highness.”

“It’s not difficult.

I just need to be gentle.

What should I do if that timid guy gets hurt Even so, he is still a Duke.”

“Be merciful.”

“Because it’s disgusting, you need to have a decoration on his face.

That’s how you look a little less timid.”

“That’s a good idea.

And with that lesson, he’ll never mess with you again.”

Cruno groaned and drove his horse toward Seidrick.

In fact, he was going to humiliate Seidrick, and he was going to show Sarah that Seidrick was nothing.

Instead, his fiancée may look up to him when he finds out that Cruno has hurt Seidrick.

Then Sarah will hug him and tell him that she loves him.

It was a shameless, overambitious, manly dream.


Cruno lunged at Seidrick with his sword.

Cheeky Seidrick! He’ll show Seidrick a bitter taste.

Cruno swung his sword towards Seidrick as he approached.


He seemed to have heard such a word at first glance.

Seidrick’s sword and Cruno’s sword clashed.

Cruno’s sword, pushed by force, flew into the air and stuck to the floor.

His voice, embarrassed, roared and cried out loud.

Fortunately, he got his balance, but he couldn’t avoid the thick branch in front of him, and Cruno, who was hit in his face, fell down.


It was a noble body that had never suffered any pain, so he screamed and rolled around.

It didn’t occur to him that he was showing everyone this humiliating scene.

Seidrick took a step back from that position in a noble manner.

He just blocked the flying sword, and he fell on a branch, not him, so he was innocent.

Seidrick watched the situation with relaxed eyes.

Although he was reflexive, it was true that he had poor control over the sword.

Still, he fought back as a swordsman while Cruno has a real sword so that it would be taken into account.

Moreover, it wasn’t only Cruno and the party who witnessed this situation.

The knights Seidrick brought in had seen it too.

Seidrick grasped the situation and smiled.

He then came down from his horse and asked.

“Are you okay, prince”

“Thi, this, this!”

Cruno, who was rolling with his broken leg, spit out a headless swear word.

Seidrick clicked his tongue and beckoned to the restless attendants from behind.

“Tend the prince.

Of course, he must have been accompanied by a doctor, right”

“Yes, yes! Your Excellency!”

The attendants flocked in and ran with Cruno.

Cruno, who was usually pretending to be calm, screamed.

Taking a glance at the back, Seidrick fixed the sword to his waist.

He called him to do this.

To humiliate him.

It’s stupid.

Seidrick shook his head and said to the crowd.

“Can I just go back”

“Bu, but! Wasn’t the prince hurt because of you! This thing…!”

“Even if your mouth is crooked, you should speak properly.*”

Seidrick folded his arms with his eyes frowned.

Those who had already been pushed fought back.

“Now, it is a fact that the prince almost injured me.

But the prince fell off the horse because he couldn’t avoid the tree, right”

Seidrick said loudly.

Those who were looking at each other’s eyes said,

“Well, that’s…”

They were also following Cruno, but they don’t know how Cambridge is.

There was no reason to bother Seidrick.

They hated that they had already been involved in this, but they can’t anymore…

Seidrick ignored them and left the hunting ground.

* A Korean idiom meaning that whatever the situation is, the words spoken should always be the truth.

The idiom itself is pretty self-explanatory


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