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No way, no way…!!!

Dania’s hand trembled.

‘No, Dania.’

Reading a manuscript that the author has not released is absolutely prohibited.

Dania stepped back from the desk, eradicating one of the most powerful temptations in the world.

“Huft, huft!”

Dania took a breath and praised herself for her patience.

She then tried to divert her gaze to the book in her hand.

‘The writer was this close’

Her respect soared.

Then she couldn’t concentrate on the novel in her hand and continued to chew over Clemore over and over again.

Dania quickly noticed.

The fact that Clemore is Alyssa herself!

“Oh my gosh! After all, the author was a genius!!”

Dania’s affinity for Alyssa rose to the unknown heights of the sky.

It was an unavoidable result because she believed in Criminal enough to talk about being a role model.

No wonder!

Seidrick added to the urgent news that if she met Alyssa, Dania would love her.

It was for this reason.

As she was barely calming her mind, Alyssa returned.

“Lady Dania”


What the hell, your eyes… It’s different from before.

Why does it shine like that!

Alyssa, who could not understand it, tilted her head.

* * *

Seidrick read the eulogy.

In the vast courtyard of the Duchy of Cambridge, only the sweet voice of Seidrick’s was heard.

However, because everyone was wearing black lace, each other’s faces could not be seen properly.

It was added because they had to keep their heads down while the eulogy was being read.

Alyssa sincerely prayed for Kendrick’s condolences and bowed her head.

‘I mean it, Lord Kendrick.

I only wish you peace.’

There will be no Avery, so Kendrick will be able to relax.

Ophelia and Dania were strangely glued to Alyssa’s two sides.

Ophelia kept trying to take Alyssa somewhere, and Dania…

She was overly looking at Alyssa with burdensome eyes.


Anyway, Alyssa didn’t want to make her feel bad because she was the one to help Alyssa today, but it was a bit burdensome.

Alyssa turned her head with an awkward smile.

She saw her husband in the distance.

He had finished reading the eulogy and was chatting with those who mourned Kendrick’s death.

Seidrick was wearing the same black lace as everyone, so no one took off the black lace.

He had the same blonde hair as Ophelia.

Did he feel Alyssa’s gaze

Seidrick raised his head.

‘Did our eyes meet…’

Seidrick turned around and left his place, ignoring Alyssa.

The two made eye contact, so this avoidance was intentional.

She knew it, but once again, it seemed to slash Alyssa’s heart with a long sword.

She bit her lips tightly.

“Alyssa, let’s go check out our fish.

You’ll help me before then, won’t you”

Ophelia called and put her words desirably and cutely, and Alyssa’s arms were folded.

Since that day, there has been a lot of progress between Ophelia and Alyssa, and they have been in close friendship to some extent.

Alyssa nodded with an awkward expression.


That’s what I was going to do.”

Her heart was filled with a cool breeze.

She wished Sid was there at times like this…

He pretended to be indifferent, but he often gave Alyssa a warm comfort, so he would have been a great comfort in the current situation.

And he must have listened to Alyssa’s story and thought about it together.

Seidrick turned a blind eye to her.

But he wanted to protect her from the royal family.

Not to go to the royal family, Lady Dania.

Seidrick’s actions were out of context.

But was there anyone here that Alyssa could talk to openly She looked around and again bit her mouth like a clam.

Stop whining and do something productive, Alyssa.

Those words became a spell, and Alyssa sealed her mouth.

“Then, let’s go.

Lady Dania, we are going to go to the kitchen to cook.

The Lady then…”

“Let’s go together.”

You can’t let water get in on our writer’s delicate hands, right

Dania laughed insidiously and followed Alyssa.


Seidrick took a breath.

When Alyssa and his eyes met, his heart almost fell.

Still, she didn’t recognize him thanks to the lace on his face.

Seidrick pulled down his lace with a slow touch.

Those who wanted to talk to him continued to follow.

They will probably follow him up to his office.

He would stay here until dinner and won’t go until then.

And Alyssa was sure to be heading to the royal family on behalf of Seidrick by 3 pm.

At that time, someone threw a stone at him with a complicated mind.

“Seidrick, when are you going to have a child and solidify the future of Cambridge You keep avoiding things like this.

If you do, I have no choice but to talk to Princess Alyssa.”

The excessive affection and sense of belonging often crossed the line.


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