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They honored Kendrick without making any mistakes, following the known ceremonial sequence precisely.

According to the queen, although she was adequately educated in etiquette, it was also because of Alyssa’s personality.

To set up the utmost courtesy for the dead.

If she couldn’t do that, there would be no reason for Alyssa to be there.

While Alyssa and Dania were in the cemetery, Countess Gerald stood in front of the queen.

The queen, who received contact from Countess Gerald, allowed her to choose the cloth with her.

“This fabric is good, but this fabric is also good.

Which fabric do you think looks best, Countess”

“To me, this fabric looks sophisticated.

The color is also nice.”

The tastes of Count Gerald and the queen were precisely the opposite.

No, she deliberately chose the opposite of what the queen decided to be the ball and chains.

The queen was pretty gullible and was quickly taken by Countess Gerald’s words.

Looking at the queen’s gaze, Countess Gerald sighed in relief.

It was fortunate that the sun was setting, and the night was visiting soon.

There is no one to stop Alyssa and Dania.

“Okay, then I have to decide on this.

How much is the price”

Countess Gerald picked out a receipt from the store, where the queen had delivered the final decision.

Now, as the payment is due, the queen only looked at it with a subtle expression.

“Oh, I thought I’d have someone else to pay for this.


Not yet”

“They’ll come soon.”

Sienna replied.

‘Who the hell…’

It was even before Countess Gerald asked.

The door of the queen’s parlor opened, and two familiar people entered.

Dania and Alyssa.

This was the reason Countess Gerald was sitting here today.

“Oh, Alyssa.

It’s been a long time.”

Countess Gerald’s heart began beating unpleasantly.

The queen couldn’t have called Alyssa for a good reason.

“Long time no see, mother.”

Alyssa greeted back mechanically, and Dania next to her also gave a polite greeting.

The queen’s eyes, looking at Dania, gleamed like a snake.

Countess Gerald’s arm trembled as her soft hair stood.

She couldn’t forget that dull, somber look.

“I called for a favor, Alyssa.

I thought it was good because you were coming in.

As you know, Cruno is getting married in a little while That’s why you have to help out.”

Alyssa put her eyes down.

She’s holding her dress behind her back, and she shouldn’t accept it.

She stood stubbornly as if she was.

The queen frowned unpleasantly at Alyssa, who said nothing.

She couldn’t say anything because Alyssa was in a strange rebellious mood after getting married.

Seidrick clearly showed his willingness to protect Alyssa.

“However, the Duke of Cambridge doesn’t seem to like when you go to the royal palace very much, so you’ll have to help me in other ways.”

Alyssa let out a smile.

It was because she had a rough idea of

what the queen would ask.

“There’s going to be a budget set out for you in Cambridge.

Use it to help Cruno get married.

Don’t you think you should help your brother with some money”

“…I understand that my mother is managing my royal budget that was set up in the future.”

“This is, really.

I want you to be good… it’s going to be used to prepare for Vanessa’s marriage.

Isn’t it only 100,000 gold You need to add some to Vanessa, who is getting married next year.”

Countess Gerald and Dania looked suspicious of their ears.

Is this a reasonable conversation It was a disadvantageous conversation for Alyssa.

The queen was the princess from the Principality of Serafina.

She has lived as a princess all her life, so there could be no shortage of her studies.

Don’t they know why she lacks common sense

Following the queen from the Principality of Serafina, Crown Prince Cruno was also engaged to Serafina’s lineage, Sarah of the Univert family.

Did Sarah feel this way of living after entering the kingdom Dania tried her best to recall Sarah’s face, who is already trying to be the queen bee in the social circle.


The queen called Alyssa.

Alyssa sighed a long sigh.

“Why should I do that”


The queen’s voice sharpened.

She thought that Alyssa would take it for granted, so her displeasure took precedence.


What is this bad influence Cambridge is having on you If you forget your family, you’ll be gone.”

“I don’t care.”


The queen asked again blankly.

That’s why she couldn’t believe what Alyssa was saying.

This is because until now, Alyssa had been obedient to the queen.

“I’m not going to help mother anymore, and neither for the royal family.”

She should have been like this earlier.

Because of the bridle of being her only family, she had to be dragged around.

Because she doesn’t want to escape the fence, however, it is different now.

Alyssa has decided to abandon this royal family, and she will do it.


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