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Dania, who was vaguely listening to this ridiculous conversation, grabbed her forearm.

She seemed to be trying to support Alyssa.

“I am Alyssa Cambridge.

I’m not an Avery anymore.

So I hope you will never call me this way again.”

Alyssa said coolly.

There was no longer any regret in her eyes.

“Alyssa!! What made you like this!!”

The queen shouted like a scream.

Her cheeks also turned red as she was humiliated in front of Countess Gerald.

What made you like this

She doesn’t know what triggered it.

Alyssa has endured the royal family all her life, and her patience has only worn out.

Every moment was an opportunity for her and could be the reason for this moment.

She wasn’t an Avery, she was an outsider, and she was just a servant of the royal family’s dirty affairs.

“If you have nothing more to say, I will go back.”

She no longer had to affirm that the queen would do something dangerous to Cambridge.

Seidrick traded directly with the king and was guaranteed Alyssa’s freedom.

She belonged to Cambridge, so she is not from the royal family anymore.

The king will no longer force Alyssa, and if the king does not, the queen will not be able to move either.

No matter how great the prestige of the queen, she was nothing but a scarecrow without the king.


“I won’t come even if you call me now, mother.”

Alyssa turned her body coldly.

Dania ran behind her.

She seemed worried about leaving Countess Gerald, but she just shook her hand as if okay.

Uh, what is this

The others should have been able to stop them, but not even the queen’s maid dared to.

In addition, Alyssa voluntarily met the queen and spoke with her.

She can’t believe it became like this.

‘So, so good…’

Dania smiled brightly.

* * *

By the time Alyssa was dealing with the queen, Seidrick was dealing with the relatives in Cambridge.

Their excessive affection has crossed the limits that Seidrick can endure.

It was the couple’s job about children, not something anyone could interfere with.

But if Seidrick doesn’t listen, they’re going to go to Alyssa instead.

“You are wielding authority like a weapon.”

Seidrick said coolly.

“But, Seidrick.

This is an important issue.

It has something to do with Cambridge’s existence.

Look at Kendrick.

You don’t know what will happen and when.

As of now, there is no alternative to you in Cambridge, so you must take responsibility for it as the Master.”

“I’ll take care of it on my own, aunt.”

“Seidrick, don’t be offended of what I’m saying…”

“But, I can’t get rid of the idea of excessive authority.

I haven’t been married long, and Alyssa and I are still young.

And even if I don’t go to war, it doesn’t mean I don’t do anything.’

Seidrick couldn’t not know that they were doing this to catch Alyssa’s fault.

They don’t have the courage or intention to drive her out yet being so mean.

What if they’re not doing this outside The inside is rotting like this.

Being a part of Cambridge, he can’t see anyone swearing, and does that mean he can be tortured

It couldn’t be anything but funny.

Seidrick can’t help but hate Alyssa for her compassion for Kendrick.

He can’t even control his emotions.

However, this is not the case.

Seidrick was willing to act as a shield for Alyssa.

“Seidrick, this is…”

“Please stop it.

If you talk any more, I won’t stand still.”

The dinner table froze coolly.

“Alyssa is my wife, and this is a matter for me and her to decide.

If you don’t want my place, just stop there.

Don’t bother Alyssa anymore.”

“…Did you forget your brother Isn’t it disgusting to see the princess”

It was contradictory.

They’re disgusted with Alyssa and yet think of seeing his descendants in her.

It was like a child force stamping their feet.


A year has passed.

I thought you would be different too.

Do you think Kendrick would be hoping for this Isn’t Kendrick warmer than anyone”


“Stop being so stubborn.

Stop it.

Kendrick lost everything, but I don’t want to put all of that on Alyssa.

Her fault was done by the royal family, not by her.”

“…Alyssa also had the royal privileges…”

“So, are you saying you want to be like that of the royal family What makes it different from a royal family for a cat to play with a mouse”

The audience became quiet.

It’s probably because Seidrick’s words weren’t wrong.


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