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Today was the day when Ophelia’s dress had to be fitted.

Ophelia visited the dressing room with Alyssa and Ophelia.

While the country was getting uglier, the number of people getting married was increasing.

They said that when the country might be ruined, they didn’t want to leave any regrets.

‘I will never let it become ruined.’

That’s why she made up her mind to destroy the royal family.

Anyway, the appearance of Ophelia in her dress was dazzlingly beautiful.

Unlike Alyssa.

To Alyssa, her wedding day was like a beast being sold out.

It was only a week after Kendrick died.

Alyssa’s wedding resembled a funeral.

However, Ophelia’s is different.

Unlike Alyssa, who still doesn’t even know her husband’s face, Ophelia gets married after dating.

There was a happy smile on her pretty face.

It was a smile that warmed even the heart of the viewer.

“I think it would be better to change the ribbon on her waist……”

Dania said, struggling.

“I think so.

The dress is also gorgeous, but the ribbon is also gorgeous, so it’s too much.”


Then how about this”

Dania put a simple velvet ribbon on Ophelia’s waist.

“Ophelia, how about this”

“This is better.

Let’s change.

Is it still possible”

“Yes, Ophelia.”

Fortunately, the Madame in the dressing room actively accepted Ophelia’s request for correction.

While she was here, she also checked Kaihan’s robes.

Alyssa was actively accepting Ophelia’s opinion and was continuing the wedding preparations.

It was meant to make the world’s most unhappy girl three years ago the happiest bride.

Dania also cherished Ophelia like her own sister, with Kendrick buried in her chest.

“I’ll buy lunch today.

Ophelia, only salad today”


I need to lose a little more weight.

You saw it before, right My waist has gained weight like this……”

“You can eat more.

You’re still skinny.”

At Alyssa’s words, Dania and Ophelia’s gaze turned to her.

It was her who was the skinniest.

Whether she was eating correctly or not, her wrists, with only bones left, were brittle and sharp, and the skinny body aroused worries that they didn’t know how she got around.

Ophelia, who looked at Alyssa quietly, said boldly.

“No can do.

Let’s eat meat today.


“That’s a good idea.”

Dania also agreed.

“What the hell is your chef doing”

Dania whispered a little to Ophelia.

“They cook hard.

But she couldn’t eat a few bites.

I don’t think she eats more at Gilbert’s hut…”

Ophelia, too, breathed out her anxious mind.

Now Alyssa was ultimately their family.

At least Ophelia thought so.

“How was our writer’s writing”

Dania whispered so that only Ophelia could hear it again this time.

“It’s our writer, sister.”


Dania rolled her eyes at Ophelia.

“Did you see this episode”

“Of course.”

“Isn’t Clemore a little precarious Our writer will not kill Clemore, right”

“Ah, why ask me!”

“Living in the same house.

How can I not ask about that”

“You can’t do it either.”

This time, Dania bit her mouth firmly.

Alyssa called the two people who were left behind bickering.

Alyssa, standing ten steps ahead, turned and beckoned to the two.

“Dania, Ophelia!”

The refreshing autumn sunlight was pouring into Alyssa’s back.

Alyssa’s platinum hair shimmered lightly.

Her bright purple eyes were shining like jewels.

Her white skin and pale pink lips had a small smile.

“Oh, oh my God….”

Ophelia swallowed with her mouth covered.

As she tried on the dress today, she heard all kinds of praise from the people, but the praise actually should have been heard by Alyssa.

Alyssa, with a halo behind her, was beautiful, unlike the people of this world.

Dania muttered blankly.

“Our writer’s…..beauty plays a part today…”

* * *

Alyssa took out part of her wealth managed by Maria for Ophelia’s marriage.

Sasha condemned why she went that far, but that was Alyssa’s heart.

It was all she could do.


Alyssa took it and knocked on Juliana’s bedroom door.

“Come in.”

As expected, there was a voice that was weaker than two years ago.

Alyssa opened the door with a sad heart.

Juliana was reading a book, leaning her head against the bed.

“What’s going on”

Juliana smiled lightly.

“I came because I have something to tell you.”

Alyssa approached carefully and sat down in a chair next to Juliana.

“Mother, are you taking good care of your medicine”

“Of course.

You guys take good care of it.”

“……I can’t imagine Cambridge without mother.”

Alyssa was now able to bring up quite a few tender words.

Juliana stared at the delicate face.

How did the world ruin a child so pretty Now Julianna herself was withering.

Even she had no more worries.

Ophelia was also going to marry, and Seidrick was finding his place.

If she has only one concern, it was Alyssa.

It was only this child.

Alyssa, who had dried up like a flower that was about to fall, was too vivid in her eyes.


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