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Alyssa raised her head in surprise.

There was the sound of stones hitting the balcony.

It wasn’t just one time; it was happening over and over again.

“Who is it……”

There was no way she couldn’t hear it, so Alyssa got up.

Her heart was trembling in surprise at the appearance of a stranger.

But, fortunately, it was someone she knew who was watching her from under the balcony.



I came here because I saw knights flocking to the mansion.”

Seidrick picked out his words.


Alyssa quickly wiped her face away.

“But how did you know I was here”

“I was going to look around all the rooms with the lights on, but luckily I met Lisa from the start.”

Sid laughed softly.

It was a bright smile as if he knew nothing.

Alyssa hesitated and looked back, then draped her hip over the railing.

“Can I come down”

He was the only person who could rescue Alyssa from the suffocating pond.

It was like that for this moment too.

Seidrick nodded his head, and Alyssa, who hesitated, threw herself.


“I, I’m sorry.

It was heavy, Sid.”


Seidrick got Alyssa up and put her clothes in order.

The tip of her nose was red, and her cheeks were puffy, so he could guess what had happened.

“I don’t think it’s okay.”

Seidrick said, relieved that Alyssa had no doubts.

“Then, what happened to Lisa too”

“Not really.

It was just… it was just an unfortunate day.”

Among the countless misfortunes of Alyssa, that misfortune counts to nothing.

No matter how much Norfe and Vanessa come to her and make a fuss, it’s only insignificant.

Alyssa fiddled with her swollen cheeks.

“… Gilbert and Mona are out of the hut today.”

“Where did they go”

Alyssa blinked.

Looking into those clear eyes, Seidrick took a short breath.

He was the one who rushed to book them the best hotel room in town.

Mona heard of the situation and pulled Gilbert away in a carriage, leaving the hut empty.

These were all the orders given to the coachman as soon as he got off the carriage.

Thanks to this, Alyssa and him could use the hut alone.

“I don’t know.

After the hut was vacated, I was left with a request to take care of the mansion tonight.”

“I see.

So are we going to the hut”

“It seems it is too late to look around the garden.

I haven’t eaten yet, but has Lisa eaten”

Seidrick struggled to remove his gaze from Alyssa’s cheek.

He looked like he would kill Norfe if he continued to stare at her.

Seidrick suppressed the anger that leaked through his clenched teeth.


Meals… I’m strangely hungry lately.

What’s on the menu for dinner tonight”

Alyssa asked excitedly.

It was the first time she had escaped the mansion at such a late hour, but it was better because the person who made such a deviation together with her was Sid.

Alyssa glanced at his side profile.

With her first friend, Sid, everything seems to be forgotten.

Norfe and Vanessa and her complicated life.

“How about chicken”

“……Is it made with the chickens I bought”

“No way.

They are doing their job very well.

Laying eggs There is pork I bought this morning at the market.

It’s not bad to slice thick meat and eat it when you’re in the mood.”

“Sid, do you know how to do that”

“It’s just an imitation.

It may be tasteless, Lisa.”


Sid, you know all the good skills.”

They chatted like a garden that took off from reality and entered a fairy tale.

Alyssa entered the cabin, where a warm bonfire was burning.

The room filled with orange light was filled with languid heat.

Alyssa glanced at Sid.

“Sit down and rest.

I have to cook.”

She quietly clasped her chin as he rolled his sleeves and watched him skillfully trim the ingredients.

Leaning on the table, her body is strained.

Unlike the mansion that only felt very cold, this place was just warm.

Just doing nothing.

A faint smile spread across Alyssa’s lips as she buried her face in her palm.

It made her chapped lips and mouth sore, but she couldn’t hide her smile.

Spending time alone with Sid like this is pretty good.

After becoming aware of her feelings for Sid, she helplessly fell in love several times a day.

His long fingers were seen slicing the red meat into a hot frying pan.

It seems that she knows what Ophelia said, that she is unlucky because there is nothing she can’t do.

Sid continued cooking without hesitation.

Soon after, the cabin was filled with the smell of savory oil.

The edible cuts of meat filled the bowl in front of Alyssa.

The coachman must have also purchased this meat.

He had no idea how hard it must have been for the coachman and Gilbert to direct the present.

In the short time it took Seidrick to arrive and Alyssa to get here, they worked miracles.

Alyssa chewed and swallowed the meat as Seidrick sighed and wiped the sweat.

It was a kind consolation above all else.

The tender consolation of a man with poor language.

He doesn’t know what happened to Alyssa’s warm, sincere heart and just gave it to her.

Alyssa covered her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Thank you……”


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