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Sasha didn’t want to miss Alyssa, so she held her tighter.

If she missed her like this, she felt like Alyssa was going to collapse.

“…Sasha, I have someone I like.”

It was a tearful confession.

Sasha stopped breathing.

She had a strange, ominous feeling.

She didn’t even have the naive expectation that Alyssa’s liked person would be Seidrick in the first place.

Do you have a crush on someone you haven’t even seen the face

Alyssa wasn’t such a careless person.

Sasha’s face began to grow pale and tired.

“If you like someone….”

She was determined to stand by Alyssa’s side no matter what she did.

Still, she couldn’t help but worry.

When this is known, the one that is hurt is none other than Alyssa.

Why does God always arrange a path of thorns for her…

Sasha was waiting for Alyssa’s answer, but she was afraid to hear it.

“Sid, Sid, the gardener… I like him, Sasha.”

Alyssa threw her secret.

It was a secret she had been struggling for while she was alone.

Status, situation.

She told someone for the first time that she fell in love with a person who didn’t fit in with anything.

She knows it’s a feeling she won’t ever be blessed with.

Still… It was the first emotion she had in her life.

Absolute kindness and affection towards someone.

“….I like him.”

Alyssa spoke again.

Sasha let out an intermittent cry as she hugged Alyssa.

So it was, so.

Alyssa looked like she was about to die, but she came back as a different person when she went to the garden.

Sasha thought that magic was hidden in the garden.

And Sasha’s prediction came true.

The garden was filled with magical emotions.

There was someone who brought Alyssa into the world for the first time.

Gardener Sid.

Just hearing it made her heart flutter.

He seemed to see the hardships that Sasha’s master had to endure.

The road will be filled with Alyssa’s tears and will devour her by the end of her life.

Sasha’s hot tears wet Alyssa.

Alyssa, on the contrary, did not cry.

“Ha… But it’s refreshing inside.”

Alyssa fell in love with someone for the first time, but Sasha was sad because she couldn’t congratulate her.

Even though she said it was refreshing to have confided in her, her heart became frustrated as she hugged her owner.

Alyssa slowly closed her eyes.

Sid’s smile, as cool as the greenery of summer, came to mind.

Even at this moment, she still wants to see Sid, and indeed she is…


* * *

Seidrick took a slow step.

Alyssa’s purple eyes, which he met through the umbrella, remained like an engraving.

She was far away and couldn’t be adequately seen because of the rain, but she had a face about to cry.

The moment Alyssa’s eyes met his, his heart sank.

Without any preparation, he thought he had revealed his secret to her.

But it didn’t seem that Alyssa had noticed.

And he was also… wishing for it.

Seidrick had a bitter smile.

The smell of cigar still on his fingertips and breath mixed with the scent of rain.

It was a gloomy, damp smell.

Feeling the melancholy that filled his lungs, Seidrick moved on.


He could not stop walking, even as the thick mud splashed down on his fine trousers.

Finally, Kendrick is on his way back.



The first thing that caught his eye was the face of his sister, wet with tears and rain.

Ophelia dug into Seidrick’s arms.

“Finally back.

Kendrick is finally back.”

The voice repeated the exact words over and over again.

It must have been a long time for Ophelia.

He patted his little sister on the back.

Ophelia’s body, skinny enough to make the bones stand out, slammed into Seidrick’s arms.

“It’s okay.

Where is your mother”

Ophelia turned her head.

Juliana sat vainly near the grave prepared for Kendrick.

The bones of the fingers holding the soil on the floor stood out even in Seidrick’s eyes.

Amid all this heavy rain, Julianna just stood there like that.

It was Dania who stood by her side.

When she heard the news of Kendrick’s return, she rushed to Cambridge.

The face was unknown whether she was crying or smiling.

It was only after Seidrick arrived that the abbreviated funeral procession began.

A black cloth was placed over the damp coffin.

The pure white chrysanthemum that covers the top is heartbreaking.

Seidrick swept over the hair that had fallen on his face.

[Kendrick Cambridge, a hero worthy of praise, a good son, and a caring brother, sleeps here.]

The lengthy phrase pierced Seidrick’s heart.

His body, which had only looked solid, slowly collapsed.

It was terribly slow and still, like the fading away of the cigar that Seidrick was smoking.


His voice was scattered in the rain.


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