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Ophelia found Juliana.

Juliana has been living in her room ever since she found out that Seidrick was ill.

She was blaming herself for all the Cambridge misery.

Just like the old Alyssa.

The previous Duke died, Kendrick died, and now Seidrick is sick.

She blamed it all on her own.

‘It’s because I’m bad.

I’m bad.’

She lived with such words as a habit.

A series of misfortunes made Juliana sick from the inside out.

Ophelia paused in front of Juliana’s door.

In fact, Ophelia had a sense of debt for them as well.

She just doesn’t say anything.

After she’s drenched in melancholy, who’s going to take care of Cambridge Alyssa and Seidrick will be overwhelmed by their current situation.

Especially Seidrick…

Ophelia frowned at her.


Why is nothing so easy

I don’t know where the twist came from.

Ophelia smiled bitterly and knocked on her door.


“…Come in.”

It was a small voice wet in the damp darkness.

Ophelia made up her mind and opened the door.

“Mother, how are you today”

She spoke her words out in a bright voice.


A suspicious movement began in the royal castle as well.

As Kruno and the Queen conspired, they decided to overcome the current situation by sacrificing someone.

“You must name the village with the most population, Mother.

We need to drive them all into the Revolutionary Corps and kill them to raise awareness.

There should be many people who will take it as an example….”

Kruno cruelly twisted his lips.

“Why don’t you stop doing what you were told that you could kill so many people You need to get rid of the idea that we can’t kill so many people implicitly.”

It was justifiable.

The queen nodded her head.

The years she’s lived by believing in one Kruno were not in vain.

Kruno was the best choice for the royal family.

The queen raised her head in a proud heart.

“I will support you no matter what you do.

Kruno, you are the one who will be the king of this country.

Your choices are always good.”

“It is thanks to my mother who taught me well.”

Kruno said grimly.

“To divert the attention of the people to the revolutionary corps, it is not possible to annihilate them all at once.

You leave half of it and kill only half of it.”

“What is it for”

“Then I will issue a notice—one per day.

Unless the revolutionary corps surrender themselves, I kill one person a day.

Until they come out of the world, people will blame the revolutionary corps for all of that.”

It was a mean and cruel plan.

He will surely achieve what he wants regardless of any means and methods.

Kruno resembled the queen and king alike.

The king was pouring out all the money he should have spent for the people of the kingdom to achieve the false goal of eternal life.

And the queen makes Kruno the king and does anything for her own uplifting.

Just like how she sacrificed Alyssa, who had been persecuted so much, and siphoned off money.

“It makes sense.”

“If you do that, people will gradually become suspicious.

Wasn’t the revolutionary group causing all this Where did their misfortunes come from Putting all doubts about the royal family aside.

They are ignorant people, so it is not difficult to deal with them.”

“Kruno, I am proud of you.”

The queen lengthened her lips.

That night, a new order was issued to the Royal Knights.

‘It has been confirmed that the villagers of Heidel helped the revolutionaries and received food from them.

Annihilate them and take hostages.’

The Royal Knights murmured.

The arrogant royal family overlooked one fact.

They are also Avery’s people and someone’s family.

In addition, the Royal Knights also began to doubt the existence of the royal family.

The royal family, who took great pride in their own worth, would never understand.

“…Is this a reasonable thing to say”

“My family lives in the village of Heidel.

They don’t even know what the revolutionaries are doing”

“What the hell… I can’t accept orders like this.

The reputation of the Royal Knights has already hit rock bottom!”

“I will refuse too!”

“I am a knight, not a murderer!”

“What the hell is the royal family thinking”

“What did I become a knight for What am I protecting….”

A new voice came out of it.

“…it would have been better when Princess Alyssa was there.

She has never given such an unfair order.

When she looks after the royal family on their behalf.”


There have been times like that.”


Princess Alyssa did her best to save the people.

She was the one who distributed grain despite the opposition of the royal family when there was a drought!”

“I heard that Princess Alyssa’s safe was always empty.

She was far from a luxury.”

“…I think it would be better to go to her.

I’d rather protect Cambridge’s gates than protect the royal family.”

It spread like wildfire.

The knight who brought up Alyssa’s name first drew his head down.

Like a shadow mixed with people.

The knight, who bit his body in an inconspicuous place, raised his lips.

‘Mission completed.;

A few hours ago, she received a new assignment from the Revolutionary corps.

‘Creating a favorable public opinion for Princess Alyssa within the royal castle.’

He doesn’t know what the hell that means, but that’s what Caradella means.

The temple contacted Caradella.

He was told the story, and they seemed to have reached an agreement.

“It would have been better for Princess Alyssa to become king.”

“Right now… is it too late now”


She is still young, isn’t she”

The rumor that was a spark became a blazing fire.

Defectors began to appear one after another in the Royal Knights.

The commander of the knights who will rule them by military law also left, so no one reprimanded them.

The royal family had lost the biggest shield.

Their path was clear.


On the other hand, Seidrick was pondering countless times about the implications of Alyssa’s question.

If she.

If Alyssa wants to leave.

He was struggling to find the answer Alyssa was looking for.

Alyssa wants to leave immediately.

It may not be pleasant for Seidrick to hold on.

In the first place, he was a sinner who deceived Alyssa.

But, on the contrary,

He wondered if he would be upset if no one held onto Alyssa under any circumstances.

He wondered if Alyssa said that because she wanted him to hold onto her.


Alyssa called Seidrick again in a trembling voice.

Her heart was beating loudly.

Worried about what he would answer, her throat was choked, and her breathing became difficult.

If Seidrick doesn’t hold onto Alyssa and tells her to leave.

It would be quite…

‘It will be sad.’

It will definitely be sad.

No matter who Seidrick was, it was a constant truth that Alyssa had him in her heart.

To be honest, she hopes Seidrick will hold her.

Contradictory emotions swirled inside her.

Alyssa stared at Seidrick with trembling eyes.

“…I have decided not to deceive you, so I will choose the honest path.

Even if my answer makes you feel uncomfortable.”

Seidrick smiled bitterly.


“I will hold onto you.

I will cling to you not to go and beg in front of you.

I will kneel before you.

I can do anything if I can hold you back.”

It was sincere, nothing more.

Alyssa took a slow, deep breath.

Hold on.

Someone hold on to Alyssa.

Until now, no one had ever held onto Alyssa, who was leaving the royal castle.

Even when she turns her back.

What the blood family held on to was none other than Alyssa’s ability and money.

People might say what the difference was, but there was a noticeable difference.

Because what they need is not Alyssa.


Why are you holding me Why don’t you want me to leave Oh, of course, I’m talking about Clemore.

Why don’t you want Clemore to leave What would you do in a situation like that”

“…because I don’t want you to go.

Everyone would like it.

May Clemore stay there.

I’m the same, so I’m going to hold onto Alyssa.”

Alyssa wasn’t expecting such a blunt answer.

She didn’t know it, but it must have been a different story that she wanted to hear from Seidrick.

These are not light words to overcome this situation.

He wanted to get a closer look at Seidrick’s insides.

‘Bad, Alyssa.’

Behind the scenes, she was weighing Seidrick while thinking about something else.

It was awful.

Still, she wanted to hear the answer.

Alyssa stared straight at Seidrick.

Seidrick whispered like a sigh.

“It is because I need you.

I don’t want to see Alyssa leave.

I hope you….”

Seidrick stopped talking.

He doesn’t know what words to add to make it perfect.

To improve it.

Then he licked his lips for a while.

No matter what he said, it seemed that he could not hold Alyssa.

It didn’t seem like any words would be of any consolation to Alyssa.

Seidrick clenched his teeth.

“……I like…”

There was a weighty silence.

Seidrick continued in a voice mixed with tears.


No, I love you, Alyssa.

I like you.

So I hope you don’t leave.


Seidrick lifted his head.

“…so much.

I love you so much.”


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