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Finally, news of the temple explosion reached the king.

The news that the people in the market were shuddering came to pass.

The king’s wrath overflowed like a wave and took control of the royal castle.

“Crazy things! What are the Royal Knights doing Are they rats that just get paid for nothing Why the hell haven’t they been able to catch up with the revolutionaries yet Are they going to arrest them only after the precious temple is destroyed”

The king gritted his teeth.

The king, with his arm over the railing of the chair, beckoned to the chief attendant.

“Call Edmit right now.

Where the hell is Edmit If there is such a riot, he should come first, ask for the crime, and discuss a solution to the case!”

The queen appeared while the king was raising his voice to summon Edmit, the commander of the knights.

Edmit’s absence was because he had the most profound connection with the queen.

When the queen hears that the news has been delivered to the king, she is terrified.

She was trying to trick the king into getting the results she wanted.

With a gentle gesture that opened the door by hand, she entered the king’s office.

The king was now almost out of the kingdom’s work.

Because the ministers were somehow filling up the overdue work, the king’s office was generally quiet.

Now the king’s most significant concern was heresy and eternal life.

Every time he saw himself growing old, his anger grew.

When he saw Crown Prince Kruno dressed in his youthful appearance, anxiety and murderous intent rose.

Even though he was his son, he was merely an object of jealousy.

In the meantime, the temple that was so precious disappeared.

The queen tried to soften the king’s heart as much as possible.

She chose what to say.

“Your Majesty.”

“Queen I didn’t call you.”

Despite the king’s nervous reaction, the queen smiled softly.

Edmit must have already gone out.

He was to carry out the orders of the queen and Kruno.

Kruno was sent on a hunt to escape the king’s wrath.

The queen stood before the king.

“I came here because I have something to tell you, Your Majesty.”

The king raised his eyebrows.

It meant saying what she had to say right now and leave.

The queen pressed her humiliation and opened her lips.

“I know that the king is struggling with the revolutionary corps now.”

The king raised his eyebrows.


“I have already put my hands to alleviate your worries.

To uproot the revolutionary corps, I ordered the annihilation of the village of Heidel and took them hostage to bring the revolutionary corps out.”

“What do you mean”

The king raised his head as if curiously.

From the moment the phrase ‘revolutionary corps’ came out of the queen’s mouth, she succeeded in attracting the king’s attention because the revolutionary corps was the king’s most crucial troublemaker.

The king’s oblique gaze turned to the queen.

He wondered why a person who had had a knack for committing useless things in the past had found something useful this time.

The queen often played a part in scratching the king’s nerves.

This was especially the case with Norfe and Vanessa.

The queen said as she bowed her head to the king’s question.

“It’s an operation to eradicate the village of Heidel, grab the attention of the revolutionary corps, take them hostage, and bring out the revolutionary corps.

The revolutionary corps was targeting the pitiful ‘for the people’ in the first place, so they will definitely appear.”


It sounded reasonable.

However, the revolutionary corps are gaining popularity because they put up a slogan to revolutionize the people.

But do the revolutionary corps kill people It will create a new resonance.

Twisting like a dung beetle, the things that used to disparage the royal family will fade away.

The revolutionary corps, not the royal family, will have to be hunted as a new target.

The king nodded.

“That’s why you sent the Royal Knights into that job”

“Yes, Your Majesty.

I operated it privately, lest Your Majesty be hurt.

Forgive me.”

The queen glanced into the king’s eyes.

He didn’t seem in a bad mood.

Somehow, it seemed that the queen’s operation had paid off this time.


You did really well.

Really, the only one who takes care of my heart is the queen.

I mean, these days, they’ve been very finicky.

How arrogant.

What do they mean by abolishing the royal family Even the temple wouldn’t allow this.”

The state must have recognized the temple the king was talking about.

It was like a king to use them when he needed them, who were usually neglected.

The queen smiled brightly.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Whatever you think in your mind.

“Crown Prince Kruno initiated this work.

It seems that Crown Prince Kruno was also concerned about His Majesty’s health.

So he said that he wanted to solve this case and relieve your anxieties.”

The queen wrapped the facts beautifully and said so.

The king’s mood seemed to be getting better with the naked eye.

This is something to put down a bit of trouble.

The queen beckoned to the attendant.

It meant to let Krno know that he could stop and return home.

The queen didn’t know it was a pretty early decision.



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