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Alyssa’s cry echoed across Cambridge.

The eyes of the people passing by were focused on the Duchess and then turned back.

It’s a Cambridge thing.

It’s okay to be interested in good things, but turn your head away and be silent about bad things.

That was the way people were for Cambridge.

Because she’s at the center of rumors.

The royal family was always anxious to devour Cambridge, so this time it will be the same.

Those who lost faith in the royal family chose silence for Cambridge.

Alyssa took a deep breath.

The pain from the intermittent eruption of the feelings choked her throat.


“Don’t call me that!”

Alyssa cried in a hoarse voice.

“How long will I be your princess I’m already from Cambridge! I am no longer Avery!”

She was sick and tired of it.

No matter what she does, people fit Alyssa into Avery.

It has been so many years since she came to Cambridge.

Now, if she wants to get out a little bit, other people put Alyssa’s noose back on her like this.

She couldn’t breathe.

It felt like her body was filled with tears.

Alyssa looked around, but no one seemed to be able to save her.

Alyssa was alone, as she always had been.


Then she saw Seidrick standing behind her.

A person who is skinny due to illness but has a strong appearance and feels like a solid wall…

Alyssa turned her head to Seidrick, who stood behind her.

Not knowing that the tears filled purple eyes pierced his heart.

Seidrick smiled awkwardly.


Afraid of what he would say, Alyssa, turned her head back.

She patted her twitching cheeks.

Edmit opened his mouth regardless of Alyssa’s reaction.

“…Nevertheless, you were born as a descendant of the royal family.

Do not forget that Princess Alyssa also has a responsibility to lead this country.”


Alyssa slapped her chest.

“Responsibility! Did you say responsibility Right! There were times when I wanted to be like that too! There was a time when I wanted to do well! Where were you then It was you who turned away from me!”

Alyssa shouted like a scream.

“Why do you say I was the only one who was wrong Why is it all my fault!”

It was a desperate cry.

Alyssa had such a time too.

There was a time when she had the thought that it could be helped with her power.

She tried relentlessly.

She had knocked on the door on behalf of the royal family, who didn’t listen and moved to take action herself.

However, she was frustrated every time.

Alyssa’s voice was nowhere to be found, and she received no response.

So she kept getting smaller and smaller, conforming to the royal mold.

Alyssa started backing away, and she didn’t reach out her hand to anyone.

She just whispered and whispered while she was alone.

All she could do was pay donations and look after the weaklings.

She attributed it to the royal family in the name of protecting her royal family as well.

“Where were you then Tell me!”


Edmit shook his head.

That was all he could say now.

When the little princess stomped her feet and went all over the royal family, he must have turned away from her.

He thought it would last forever.

His past, when he did not know the secret behind the glory of the royal family, will be deeply regretted from now on.

The arrogant mistake of thinking that the royal family would always be on the side of justice created the current situation.

Princess Alyssa’s heart was worn out, and it seemed that she had no strength to look out for others anymore.


All they had left was Princess Alyssa, so Edmit put his head on the ground.

“If you wish, I will repay you with death, Your Highness!”


“Do not forgive me, the lowly who has only come to find the answer.

However, the kingdom is….”


“Do not turn your back on this country.”

His head hit the ground, and blood gushed.

The scene seeped into Alyssa in a dreary way.


Alyssa ran her hair down with a trembling hand.

Why do people put Alyssa in an unavoidable situation It’s like testing her limits.

They grab Alyssa’s leash and try to drag her where they want to go.


“I am tired now.”

Alyssa shook her head.

“Don’t come to me anymore, Sir Edmit.”

Alyssa turned around coolly.

She is tired.

‘Then don’t be shaken, Alyssa.


Seidrick followed behind Alyssa’s back, clutching his hands.

Alyssa bit her lip.

No matter how many times she vows, her heart is shaken…..

Maybe it’s because she is facing a situation that needs Alyssa.

An ideal situation that she had longed for one day.


Alyssa swallowed her tears.


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