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“…But, this is too much work for Princess Alyssa to handle alone.

It won’t be possible to keep the other royals alive… Seraphina’s opposition will also be great.”

“Isn’t it okay if the Revolutionary Corps and other temples add into the strength We won’t let you handle it alone.”


I think a long discussion will be necessary on this matter.

I wonder if Princess Alyssa will accept this.”

The elder laughed awkwardly.

This would be no different from getting ready to put a bridle on Alyssa without her knowledge.

In a sense, it was like coercive violence.

“…eventually she will accept it.

Even if it’s not her own will.”

Because Alyssa is so kind and just.

The only one that can be relied on is Alyssa.

Alyssa, from her childhood, keeps pricking the elder’s conscience.

‘I will pay for this sin with death, Your Highness Princess.’

The temple has also been ignoring Alyssa’s request in the meantime.

As always, they tried to stand on the side of neutrality, trying to endure the current.

But they were struggling to save the country, with their back on Alyssa.

“…I know it’s very late.

Still, we have to hang on to it.”

“We are in debt to Princess Alyssa again like this.”

Caradella murmured bitterly.

Alyssa has already done her job by setting fire to people’s hearts.

But she’s trying to take on another role.

“Isn’t it a blessing for this country to have such a person”

It would be a disaster for Alyssa.


Alyssa was locked in her room all day and never came out.

She didn’t want to go out.

She was told that Knight Commander Edmit was still kneeling in front of the Cambridge Gate.

The still bleeding Edmit is trying to get Alyssa out of this mansion anyway… .


I don’t want it.’

She wanted to leave quietly—a place where no one knew Alyssa.

Maria was also looking for a mansion that Alyssa could live in, and Sasha seemed to have made up her heart.

When Seidrick came back, she was going to shake it all off and leave.

She didn’t think it was a bad thing to die there.

She never decided all the moments the way she wanted, so she would choose her death by herself.

“… Madam.”

Sasha called Alyssa.

Worried about Alyssa, locked up in bed and won’t come out, she wanders around the bed and can’t leave.

She was a diligent person, so she would get up at a set time…

“Are you sick”

Sasha asked hastily.

“Shall I call a doctor”

She had heard of the commotion in front of the mansion.

‘Because they look like bad people!’

She doesn’t know why they’re bothering Alyssa now when they have consistently ignored Alyssa.

Sasha bit her lips.


She wanted to kill the people who made Alyssa like this; she wanted Alyssa to have her energy back.

It is their fault that they make Sasha’s innocent heart so mean.

Why the hell doesn’t the world leave Alyssa alone

Sasha called out to Alyssa.

“Please… Madam, you have to eat…”

“I’m fine, Sasha.”

Alyssa answered in a cracked voice.

“I just need time to think.”

She’s still kind, even at times like this.

Sasha groaned and rubbed her face with her palm.

“You’re not okay.

Madam, aren’t you having a hard time right now”

She wished Alyssa could lean on her and tell her when things were difficult, but she kept her mouth shut like a conch like that.

Why on earth won’t she share the hard work

“…It’s okay, Sasha.”

Alyssa finally got up.

It was always her intention to reassure Sasha, who was worried about her.

Alyssa smiled brightly.

“I need time to think, really.”

“…I can listen.”

Sasha said.

“I can’t help it if you go over the topic.

My madam, you’re so skinny…”

Sasha rubbed her eyes.

“There’s nothing I can do for you, but I’ll give you a cool swear word.

Don’t you think I know a lot more curse words than Madam”


“Say a swear word in your heart.

I’ll teach you.

So, madam, eat and…”

Alyssa buried her face in her palm.

“…It’s really annoying! I feel like my heart is full of stones.

Why the hell do these things only happen to me Are other people having a hard time living as well as me Why is it so hard to pass the day a lot”

In fact, Alyssa, who was about to explode, shouted.

It wasn’t threatening, drenched in tears, but she was desperate.

Alyssa was sobbing.

“I… I’m just… Why are they here now I said I was giving up.

I’m just going to quit everything! But why are they here now”

Alyssa rubbed her eyes.

“Why are they here now….

What do they want me to do….”

The worst and worst conditions.

She hated the constant overlapping situation.

Alyssa shook her head.

“I wish they could leave me alone…”

Sasha reached out her hand and hugged Alyssa so that she could cry comfortably.


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