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So far, there have never been people who really wanted the royal family to fall, saying they didn’t need them.

Everyone was afraid of the reality without a royal family.

Until the revolutionary corps was formed and the nobles moved.

Until Alyssa made a change, they were still content with the royal family.

It is a kingdom that has already been shaken by the old situation of the royal family.

When the royal family collapses like this, where should the people lean on Temple They may be spiritual support but not an immediate fence.

“There is a time, Alyssa.”

There is a time.

Those words fell to Alyssa as a stone.

A ripple spread in her heart.

Not right now, but in the future.

To introduce the parliamentary system, institutional reform is necessary.

It is better to prepare slowly than to make changes radically.

What if the royal family agrees to abolish the monarchy and introduce a parliamentary system If they work together and prepare little by little.

In the future, the royal family may lose all rights and remain symbolic.

Alyssa’s head was spinning.

‘Slowly… ‘

Julianna smiled faintly as she looked at Alyssa, lost in her thoughts.

She is an agile child, and she will be able to judge herself well.

Juliana took Alyssa’s hand.


I will support whatever choice you make.

But I thought you needed someone to point you in a new direction.

Don’t blame yourself too much, and don’t push yourself too hard.”

“…does Mother think it is right for me to return to the royal family”

“That’s also one direction.

But, again, I support your choice no matter what you decide.

You don’t have to do that if you want to.

So far, it’s enough.”

Alyssa’s fingers, holding the teacup, trembled.

It was enough.

She doesn’t have to.

Juliana was saying what Alyssa had so desperately wanted to hear.

At first, she was going to comfort Julianna……Rather, she was the one being comforted.

The emaciated Juliana’s hand was warm.

Like a mother’s body temperature, something she had never felt before.

There was a sense of solidity that seemed to support her in any case.

Alyssa looked down at Juliana’s hand.

“… What if I want to run away”

“Do that.”

“What if I want to turn away from everyone”

“You want to do that”

“Won’t people say I’m selfish”

“Then I won’t chastise you.

You’ve done enough, so you can scream at them to let go.

Kick them in the shins and drive them away.”

Alyssa bowed her head.

Strangely, there seems to be a lot of tears these days.

It was difficult because she was about to cry from time to time.

Alyssa bit her lip and asked.

“……What if I said I wanted to be the king”

“That’s your choice too, and I’ll support you, Alyssa.”

“If I become a king, people will point their finger at me again.

They may call me a hypocrite or an abomination.”

“Really Then I’ll scold them too.

I’ll grab their hair and slap their cheek.

When I was a kid, I wasn’t a gentle lady.”

Alyssa let out a long sigh.

This is what it feels like to have someone on her side unconditionally.

Alyssa’s breath trembled.

Sasha and Juliana.

It seems that her heart is filled with the love they give to her.

It was a completely different emotion from the feeling she felt for Seidrick.

It is as comfortable as a blanket wrapped around Alyssa.

It would be like the most comfortable sleep in the world if she was buried like this and closed her eyes.

“Think about it a little more, Alyssa.”


“I will always be by your side, just as you did to me.”

Juliana smiled softly.

It was the first time she got something back for what she gave.

Alyssa nodded her head broadly.

“Yes, yes! I will.”

Juliana burst out laughing at Alyssa’s childlike appearance for the first time.


Strange, seeing Alyssa’s figure, Julianna seems to be comforted as well.


Juliana realized that she, too, was leaning on Alyssa just as much.

Juliana whispered to Alyssa.



“Is Seidric okay”

“… Of course.

He’s the same as usual.”

Alyssa nodded her head.

Seidrick was the same as usual, except that he was a little skinny after taking the pills.

She doesn’t know if he’s trying to make it look like that.

“He will be waiting for you, Mother.”

“…that kid is sick because of me… .’

“It can’t be!”

Alyssa shook her head.

“He’s just sick, mother.”


“He’ll get better soon.”

The purple eyes are shining brightly.

With certainty.

Juliana bit her lips tightly.

“He will get better and be back soon.

He’s a strong man.

Where would he go without us”

So did Kendrick.

It was time for Juliana to go through her gloomy thoughts.


It was Seidrick’s voice.


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