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Dania did not receive any confirmation from Alyssa.

‘It’s better that way.

On the contrary, Dania’s heart would have been heavier if Alyssa had agreed to do so.

Hasn’t Alyssa been hard enough so far Alyssa fully deserved to deny their request.

Dania turned her head with a blurred expression and looked at the mansion.

There was a feeling that the large mansion was overwhelmingly draped over Dania like never before, creating a noble atmosphere.

As an outsider, Cambridge was like a strong castle.

Alyssa must have lived with this feeling for years.

With a heart like an uninvited guest who invaded a strong palace.

And Alyssa’s face looked comfortable now.

The employees respected Alyssa and accepted her with their hearts.

Is that all

Ophelia and Juliana also accepted Alyssa into their family.

Relatives in Cambridge did not express their feelings, but they were in an atmosphere of acknowledgment of Alyssa.

The cafe, saloon, and dressing room that Dania frequents.

Everyone she met there was like that.

Alyssa will be able to live now.


Dania lifted her head to the cold raindrops that wet her nose.


The raindrops that began to fall little by little soon turned into showers and poured down.


It was a cooling sound.

Dania stood quietly in the rain that soaked her whole body.


Dania tried to whisper inside.

It was a name that she had buried in her heart all this time.

She once loved, adored, and missed him so much… Even though Dania is now calling Kendrick, she tries not to think of him.

Rather than living, she chose to take revenge on the royal family that had made him fall.

It will be a reminder of how wrong the royal family that brought down that wonderful hero was.

Kendrick probably wanted more of that.

Rather than Danie living in an unfavorable depression.

Dania wiped the rainwater around her eyes.

‘Kendrick……what would you do In this situation, is it right for me to be on Alyssa’s side or Caradella’s’

Her heart was pounding.

She wanted to get thorough revenge on the royal family.

She doesn’t want them to die easily.

These people have never experienced hardship before, so they will have to see them rolling in the mud and begging.

With that kind of heart, she endured.

No, she was still enduring.

Dania bit her lip.

However, she loves Alyssa as much as she is vengeful.

She was a person who Dania had no choice but to cherish.

Didn’t she confront the world all by herself Without her, there would not have been an organization called the Revolutionary Crops formed.

How could she hate Alyssa like that

She always wanted to be on Alyssa’s side.

She wanted to be such a friend and stay by her side.

Dania was faced with a heavy choice.

It was just like the other day when Dania abandoned her mansion and ran out.

Dania’s lips trembled.

There was a large shadow over Dania’s head.


“I heard you came.”

Seidrick said in a heavy voice.

There was a chill oozing from Seidrick, who stood by Dania’s side with his gaze far away.

From the mansion to the gate.

He walked a long distance, so it was apparent.

She glanced up at his slim, sharp profile.

Then Seidrick turned to Dania.

It’s a face she’s seen since childhood, but now he feels a little different.



Dania answered, who was roughly wiping the water off her face.

“I have a favor.”

“… What favor”

Seidrick contorted his face.

When Dania was about to feel the horror of his messed-up look, clear tears welled up in Seidrick’s blue eyes.

“… Seidrick, Sid.

What’s going on”

“I’m sick.”


“I’m very sick, Dania.”

Seidrick’s lips trembled.

“So I have to leave for treatment, and when that happens, Alyssa is left alone.

Ophelia is young, and Mother is so exhausted.

Alyssa is alone again, and she has to fight with all these people.”

This was the real reason Seidrick ran out with an umbrella when he heard that Dania had been there—leaving behind Pauline, who stirs in the cold weather.

He had something to say to Dania.

It was definitely a story only she could hear.

“I want you to be on Alyssa’s side.”

Seidrick’s voice faded.

“I’m not good enough, Dania.


Tears streamed down Seidrick’s cheeks as he let out a long sigh.

It was hot tears that were filled with all kinds of emotions.

Seidrick’s throat moved prominently.

That’s why.

Dania opened her mouth.

That’s why….

You’re so skinny.

Seidrick served in the Navy.

That’s why he didn’t take a break from training, even if it was frustrating, and she knew that he would fight with the knights at the training hall whenever he had free time.

Ophelia said that he was trying to relieve his frustration as he had been traveling…

He lost weight…


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