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I Should Have Just Died - Chapter 165 - Sleepy Translations

5-6 minutes 26.11.2020

There are only three days left until Ophelia’s wedding.

Now that Ophelia still uses her Cambridge surname, it’s her last social party.

Because they had only been informed about Seidrick’s health, Ophelia and Alyssa decided to attend the party, considering Cambridge’s status.

In fact, this event was held to commemorate the birthday of the Grand Madam of the Kaihan family, so Cambridge couldn’t refuse to attend.

However, Seidrick was removed from the list of attendees.

Kaihan’s family also decided to take into account Seidrick’s situation and understand his absence.

Ophelia and Alyssa were attending as delegates, but Juliana delivered a grand gift to the carriage instead.

The majestic chariots of Cambridge are full.


Seidrick, who came out to see Alyssa and Ophelia off, called Alyssa.


Alyssa, who was about to get into the carriage, turned around.

“…don’t care what they say.

I wanted to go with you….”

Seidrick laughed bitterly.

The doctor advised him to avoid environments that could be very stressful.

It took the form of a recommendation, but ‘For your health, you better follow me.

Unless you want to get on the boat right now.’

Alyssa shook her head.

“It’s okay, Seidrick.”

She used to be afraid of social parties like this.

So she tried to avoid attending as much as possible.

Unless it was a mandatory social party, she chose not to attend or sent Ophelia instead.

People cursed Alyssa even if she participated in the party and scolded her if she didn’t.

So she chose not to.

But now it’s different.

Alyssa was not alone.

Ophelia was with her, and, on rare occasions, she also had the people of Cambridge on her side.

And there was also Dania, who had a sassy personality.

Dania was excluded from the noble family when she became Dania Kendrick, but none of the people regarded her as a lower aristocrat.

Dania was still socially active as she had before.

Dania will be attending today, so she’s already on Alyssa’s side.

“It’s really okay.”

Alyssa smiled brightly.


There will always be Cambridge behind you.”

Seidrick took Alyssa’s hand carefully.

Seidrick whispered as he leaned over and kissed the back of her hand.

“And I’ll be there.

I have more things than Alyssa thinks.

The navy of this kingdom can also move.

And that’s not all.

There aren’t just one or two merchants behind the shipbuilding business.”

He pressed his lips against the back of her hand again.

“I promise I will never let it go if someone harms you.”


Seidrick raised his head.

It’s like sending Alyssa alone to the battlefield.

A social party is where some hide sharp swords in sweet words.

Alyssa will be a hot topic there for whatever reason.

Seidrick clasped her tiny hand and grabbed it.

A firm and warm warmth soon filled her hands.

Fortunately for her, Alyssa didn’t shake Seidrick’s hands.

Seidrick looked into Alyssa’s eyes.

The purple eyes, which are always wet with her tears, glistening brightly.

He never wanted to make her cry again… He wanted to see her eyes twinkle with joy, but things don’t always go his way.

Nevertheless, the merciful Alyssa shows a smile like this.

That alone was a great comfort for Seidrick.

It was a consolation that he might have a chance.

Seidrick tried hard to smile.

It was because he looked so miserable and haggard in Alyssa’s eyes.

His gleaming blonde hair had lost its luster, and his blue eyes seemed to have lost their vitality.

So he smiled and whispered.

“Because I was once a knight, I hereby swear the oath I’ve cherished… Seidrick Cambridge, I swear by my sword that I will use the honor of my life to protect you.”

Alyssa bit her lip.

“Seidrick…I’m not used to this.”

Alyssa stuttered.

The sound of her trembling voice is already full of water.

However, her cheeks were scorching hot.

Alyssa turned her gaze back and forth with a tomato-red face.

As if she couldn’t keep her eyes on Seidrick the whole time.

“Someone is protecting me….”


Seidrick swallowed hot saliva.

The sharpness in his throat felt like it was going to burn.

“Then get used to it from now on, Alyssa.”

Seidrick grabbed Alyssa’s hand.


“…Wherever you are, there will be Cambridge behind you.

And me too, if you wish.”

Alyssa was at a loss as to how to respond.


Ophelia appeared late as she was packing her things.

Behind her, Juliana was also standing with something in her hand.

Alyssa blinked like a startled rabbit and waved Seidrick’s hand away.

He quickly kissed the back of Alyssa’s hand and backed away.


There seem to whisper that through a short kiss.

Alyssa quickly grabbed the back of her hand.

“I will definitely protect you.”

That was what he meant.


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