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Alyssa’s background in making that decision was never for anyone else.

In fact, it was for herself.

She didn’t want to feel uncomfortable anymore.

Even if she regretted this choice later, she was likely to regret it less than if she had made the opposite choice.

At the halfway point before arriving at the destination, Edmit got out of the carriage.


Are you really okay”

Ophelia asked Alyssa with her worried face.

“It’ll be fine.

“If you don’t want to, I’ll hide it for you.”

Ophelia said first.

“I think I have that kind of power”

She had an unsure face, though.

At times like this, Ophelia certainly feels like the youngest sibling.

Everything she says is lovely, and her expression is cute.

Besides, that unfounded confidence that she sometimes shows.

Still, it was lovely to see her holding Alyssa’s arm and speaking earnestly.

Alyssa shook her head.

“It’s okay, Ophelia.”

“But… you didn’t want to do it.

Wasn’t it”

“Ophelia, my life has never been given a choice.”

Alyssa spoke her words out with a calm face.

It’s something she can say just because she is now, but even the time that has passed has not been easy.

It didn’t take long for her to speak so bluntly.

Alyssa turned her gaze away from Ophelia’s face.

“It was a series of coercion and pressure.

Alyssa muffled her words.

It was because the times in the past had shaken Alyssa.

Like this time, Alyssa had never been given a choice.

She had to do what she was told to do, and Alyssa was responsible for the processes and problems that emerged in the process.

She bumped into it again and again and was frustrated.

Three years ago, the timid little Alyssa took quite a while to come to Cambridge from the royal family.

At that time, Alyssa was nothing more than a doll, worn out, only being swayed by others’ will.

And now it’s different.

Alyssa has an option.

It was thanks to her clearly belonging to the fences of Cambridge, going out into the world outside the royal family, learning from people, and seeing the world firsthand.

The royal family insisted.

No matter what mistakes they make, they don’t deserve it.

It is because the royal family receives the right to rule the kingdom even by its very existence.

There were times when Alyssa heard such sounds and thought they were not on her side even if she went outside.

But not now.

She knew they were wrong.

No one feared the royal family, and those who hated and cursed them overflowed.

Alyssa’s experience of Cambridge was even more so.

So Alyssa was able to break the shell and come out.

She broke the mold of her world that forced her to fit in.

And now Alyssa has an option.


Now I have a choice.”

Alyssa raised her lips.

“It wasn’t a choice they forced, Ophelia.”


“They didn’t lock me up or starve me for food.

They didn’t leave me outside until I was told.

They don’t physically harm me in any way.

I’m not afraid.”

Alyssa shook her head.

“Emotional pressure is also pressure….”

“I know.”

Alyssa smiled bitterly.

“But, wouldn’t it be better than this next time It’s still a lot better than before.

You have the right to refuse.”

Ophelia looked at Alyssa with a sad face.

Then she came to her side and hugged her tightly.


Alyssa stiffened because she was not used to the warmth of people.

Ophelia comforted Alyssa, who rolled her eyes.

She wanted to convey her warmth and comfort.

And, as far as Ophelia knew, a tender hug was the greatest comfort.

She hoped her heart touched Alyssa…

Ophelia said.

“I will support you no matter what you choose, Alyssa.

Just as you have been by my side.”


Alyssa chose to overlap her hand on her back instead of leaving Ophelia’s arms.

She then closed her eyes.

“…..thank you.”

Alyssa whispered.


Kaihan was in front of the mansion to meet them.

Countless footsteps were stamped under his foot as if he had been waiting for Ophelia to come the whole time.

The owner of the mansion, who was supposed to welcome the guests, came out to the garden and was doing that.

Ophelia smiled brightly and ran to Kaihan.


“Ophelia! Did you have a hard time coming here”


I came in a carriage.”

“Hello, Duchess.”

“Nice to meet you.

Lord Kaihan.”


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