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Kaihan smiled brightly.

“Just call me Kaihan.

I’m going to become a family soon.”

The cheerfulness is exactly like Ophelia’s.

He was a good boy who took care of all the circumstances of Cambridge and had hurried his marriage for Ophelia’s sake and yet delayed it.

And when he looked at Ophelia, his eyes were full of affection.

“Yes, Kaihan.”

Alyssa was unfamiliar with it, but she tried.

It was because Kaihan and Ophelia were looking at her with a bunch of excited faces.

Ophelia smirked and crossed Alyssa’s arm with her opposite arm.


Come to think of it… Is Seidrick okay”


Ophelia nodded her head.


Should I call him the Duke now”

“Then brother will strangle you like this.”

“Hmm, hmm.

I’m glad to hear that he’s okay, though.

I was worried.”

“He’s going for treatment soon, but it’s not that bad.

The problem is after that.”


Kaihan nodded his head.

After Seidrick left, Alyssa was left alone in Cambridge.

Ophelia and Kaihan would care too, but what would Alyssa do with that

Kaihan said with a worried face.

“I’m here to help, Duchess.”

“It’s reassuring to say that.”

Alyssa struggled to answer flexibly.

It was embarrassing to see someone treat her so kindly, but I was grateful.

That was when Alyssa was enduring the awkwardness between Kaihan and Ophelia.

“These kids!”


“Why are you here so late!”

Dania appeared.

Dania looked at Alyssa and smiled.

“I’m here today as your friend.”

Dania folded Alyssa’s hesitant arms.

Then Dania took hold of Ophelia.

“I’m sorry about that day, Alyssa.

I thought you shouldn’t…”


She was just thankful that Dania apologized like this.

“Alyssa, so I made up my mind.

I’ll just be on your side.”

Dania grabbed Alyssa’s hand.

“I will leave the Revolutionary Corps and go to the duke’s residence.”


“I’ve heard of Seidrick.

If that had happened, you should have told me first… How do you handle that huge Cambridge by yourself.”

“…since Seidrick did it alone…”

“Oh my.

Seidrick had Pauline, too.

But I heard Pauline was going with him this time.”

So it was decided.

At first, Seidrick said he would leave Pauline behind, but Alyssa and Juliana refused.

Moreover, Pauline herself hoped to follow Seidrick.

In the meantime, they wanted to learn about the commerce and economic structure of that place.

Pauline used to rant about leaving the nursing to her.

As it happened, Alyssa was alone.

“… Dania, though…”

Alyssa knew how Dania had entered the Revolutionary Corps.

She didn’t like it when Dania said she would give up on all of that.

“Alyssa, it’s okay.

Kendrick would have wanted this too… and I like you.”

Dania spoke again.

“Alyssa, I really like you.

I’m so proud of you.”

Alyssa blinked her eyes and looked around.

Dania, Ophelia, and Kaihan were standing by her side as if it was too natural.

Three years ago, when she came out of the royal family, she didn’t come out with anything.

Alyssa is no longer alone.

Alyssa bit her lip as she sobbed.

“Thank you….”

Alyssa did not hesitate to refuse.

In fact, it was good that Dania sided with her rather than the Revolutionary Corps.

Dania was the first female friend she had.

Alyssa grabbed Dania’s hand.

Now, social parties were not scary at all.


The party went smoothly.

At first, Kaihan’s parents came too.

They warmly welcomed Alyssa and asked how well Seidrick and Juliana were.

And they gladly accepted Julianna’s handwritten letters and gifts.

“To send only precious things like this… Juliana is really.”

“She’ll like it even more if she knows you are happy.”

Ophelia said sweetly.

“Actually, it’s enough for the Duchess to attend… Juliana’s worried too much.

Oh, Ophelia.

When you go home today, get some stuff from the maid.”



The Countess whispered to Ophelia and Alyssa.

“Since Seidrick was sick, so I looked around for good things.

I heard that the South White bear’s bile is good, so I got it.”



The Countess raised her index finger.

“A white bear’s bile is only for entering the royal family.

So you have to take it quietly.”

“Yes, okay.


Thank you.”

The Countess smiled and tapped the back of Ophelia’s hand.

“He’ll get better soon.”

“…..Thank you for your concern.”

It was such a friendly time.

It was the first time Alyssa had a party like this.

So she was really enjoying the party for the first time.


If it were easy, would it be Alyssa’s life

“Alyssa, where’s the bitch!!! Where’s the traitor bitch!”

Vanessa appeared screaming.


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