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The family guarding the border facing Seraphina has been County Battendaum for hundreds of years.

Even without proper support from the crumbling royal family, the Battendaum stood firm and defended Avery’s borders.

They valued honor and valued the country.

They did the best they could as the knights protecting Avery.

Thus, all the permanent residents living in the estates near Battendaum worshiped them more than the royal family.

People referred to him as ‘Lord,’ meaning Count Battendaum.

As if looking at a reasonably solid wall, Count Battendaum greeted Edmit.

A cold gaze glanced at Edmit.


Long time no see.”

“… Sir Edmit.

Long time no see.”

Battendaum greeted Edmit with a hoarse voice.

It wasn’t hostile, but it wasn’t a warm welcome either.

The vast hall of the County Battendaum was full of people who had come to see the whole Royal Knights with Edmit.

In fact, it was because they had lost contact with the royal family for a long time, and there was no interaction.

“I heard the news.”

Battendaum said as if interesting.

“Did the loyal royal dog escape”

“…The royal family no longer functions and does not protect the people.

Even if it goes against the way of the knights, we could not follow the royal orders.”

“I’m glad you realized it now.”

Although he pretended to be with the royal family, he always kept his ears open.

It was because the role of the Battendaum was different depending on how the royal family led diplomatic relations.

Unlike before, Battendaum’s power expanded, and not only the Principality of Seraphina but also the places that bordered the small states below it was under their jurisdiction.

Other nobles, who judged that the border could not be defended with insufficient support from the royal family, voluntarily came under Battendaum.

In a word, the Battendaum was nothing more than a minor king of the West.

Edmit accepted the greeting and handed over Alyssa’s letter.

“In whose name did you come”

Battendaum asked and opened the letter.

The neat and tidy typeface had a strong power just by writing it.

It is said that one can recognize a person by looking at the typeface.

Battendaum narrowed his eyes and read his letter.

“…Princess Alyssa”

“She is Avery’s only hope.”

“Hope…..isn’t she Avery’s bloodline”

Battendaum mumbled in a skeptical tone.

However, he also knew about Alyssa.

Although she was a princess who was married to Cambridge, she was recently a princess who received protection from the temple, public opinion, and the people.

It wasn’t long since she started getting attention until last year.

However, it has not emerged, but Princess Alyssa’s past actions are more than representative of her royal family.

Besides, the Battendaum knew about Alyssa much as they kept their ears open to her vigorous activities.

The only difference is that the Battendaum didn’t experience Alyssa.

Not seeing her by her side and not knowing her, they seemed to be skeptical, just that she was a bloodline from Avery.

Battendaum touched his forehead.

He’s got all the expectations up for the Avery royal family.

They have never lived up to Battendaum’s beliefs of bartending.

But to believe in the royal blood once again.

Edmit pleaded.

“This is the last time, Lord Battendaum.

In fact, if it were not for Princess Alyssa, there would be no more hope for Avery.

In this country, there is no way, so it would be the end of Avery.

So, how about trying your last hope”

In other words, if this is the last chance and Battendaum’s expectation is broken, if this doesn’t happen, the country will collapse, so there’s nothing wrong with that.

Besides, Alyssa’s request wasn’t too difficult.

Not long ago, Crown Prince Kruno and Crown Princess Sarah crossed the border.

The Battendaum kept a man behind them on their way to the Principality of Seraphina, but they did not stop them.

It was because the knights of the Principality of Seraphina had already met them, and if they had stopped them, it would have been a useless exhaustion/consumption/effort.

Alyssa was asking to block the entry of Seraphina Knights except for them.

[Lord Battendaum.

It’s a pity that I have to greet you in writing here.

However, the situation is chaotic right now, so please understand this.

As Margrave might already have guessed, Crown Prince Kruno went to the Principality of Seraphina to request reinforcements.

They will enter the country with Seraphita’s knights.

I hope Margrave will stop it.

They’re sure to set the country apart in the name of stopping Avery’s treason.

They will have the Avery royal seal of permission, but that is a lie.

They have already lost their royal functions and have lost their right to issue royal orders.


Stop them for Avery.

Please protect the people of this country.]

Below that was the usual letter etiquette.

Alyssa’s request was essentially what Battendaum had to do.

However, he had to disobey Avery’s ‘royal order’.

That was the gist of this letter.


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