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One thing Alyssa did immediately after ascending to the throne was to send a directive to all the families guarding Avery’s borders.

This was because there was room for external enemies to intervene by taking advantage of Avery’s dizzying internal situation.

Alyssa sent out a decree pleading with the border guards to ensure no one crossed the border.

Of course, the directive also reached Count Battendaum.

In particular, an edict with important warnings arrived at Battendaum.

‘Please don’t let anyone bring in outside forces.

Even if he has the king’s seal.’

Naturally, it was a sentence referring to Crown Prince Kruno and Crown Princess Sarah.

Count Batendaum gladly accepted the first orders of the new king.

In addition, the Queen and King’s obituaries were already known in the Avery Kingdom.

Not only that, but the evidence that the queen had tried to rebel was so clear that she was branded a traitor and left with no funeral even for her death.

So, what about Kruno, the queen’s bloodline

Alyssa raised reasonable doubts.

She wondered if Kruno and the Queen were trying to plot treason against the Avery Kingdom by inviting the Principality of Seraphina.

Margrave Battendaum was ecstatic about that.

This is probably because the Avery royal family, who persecuted the Battendaum, was punished appropriately.

As Edmitt said, Alyssa was very different from the other Avery bloodlines he had been through.

Count Battendaum looked over the horizon lined with the twilight dawn.

‘Former’ crown Prince Kruno was coming with the knights.

The Count revealed his teeth and chuckled.

If he did something wrong, the Battendaum family would be guilty of treason.

He would not have opened the borders to them, even if he had violated the orders of the royal family.

But now, the king was behind him.

The true King of Avery!


The knights of the Principality of Seraphina stood before the borders of County Batendaum.

The borders of the County were the same as the borders of the kingdom of Avery.

The fact that knights of the Principality of Seraphina crossed over there could cause international strife.

However, the story is different if the Crown Prince of Avery, Kruno, is leading the knights of the Principality of Seraphina, and he has a letter from the queen.

At least, Kruno thought so.

Considering their blood ties, the Principality of Seraphina willingly gave up the knights so that the rebellion could be suppressed.

‘I’m going to be king.’

He waited a long time.

Usually, some kings proclaim supremacy when their children reach a suitable age, but the current king showed no sign as to whatever he was thinking.

Besides, how lofty he was

Kruno clicked his tongue.

But, did he not inherit the throne with this opportunity

“It’s Avery soon.”

Sarah, who was next to him, closed her eyes and smiled.

“Now, I’m going to be the queen of Avery.”


As I promised.

I will make you the queen.”

“That’s why I chose the Crown Prince.”

If not, there are many more handsome men, so why would there have been a need to insist on Kruno Thanks to Sarah’s parents, who hold important posts in the Principality of Seraphina, countless men courted her.

However, it was Seidrick of Cambridge who caught Sarah’s attention.

Cold blonde hair and blue eyes.

He looked like something out of a fairy tale, and his shoulders were wide, and his body looked good on the outside, unlike the dwarf Kruno standing next to her.

Moreover, he was a gentle, handsome man, in contrast to the nervous-looking Kruno.

Sarah could still feel her heart warming when she thought of him.

If Kruno becomes king, he will certainly put Princess Alyssa on the guillotine.

After that, Cambridge could not prevent their status from being downgraded, as it became a family affair with the traitors.

Then Sarah will come.

She persuades the king to let them hold their status as Viscount and make Seidrick her lover.

Sarah’s ultimate goal was there.

When that happens, she has a handsome man, power, and status.

She will have everything in her hands.

Sarah smiled like a flower at that thought.

She didn’t know she was going to lose it at any time soon.

She was about to cross the flags that crossed the border with Kruno.

Whiipp- Tak!


A sudden arrow hit Kruno’s horseshoe.

Kruno calmed the startled horse that raised its front legs.

“What are you doing!”

The place where the arrow flew from was over the fortress of Battendaum.

And it was Margrave Battendaum who was holding a large crossbow.

The one who guards this border.

“I have a royal decree to let no one cross the border.”

“You’re doing this now without knowing who I am! Come down right now, bow your head in front of me, and tell me you’re wrong! If you do that, I’ll forgive you myself.”

Kruno exclaimed.

Royal decree

He had a royal decree.


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