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Finally, today was the day Seidrick had surgery.

In fact, Alyssa had never slept comfortably since entering the royal castle, but it was the first time she was as nervous as today.

It felt like her heart was shrinking.

After today, tomorrow, or this morning.

As soon as the operation was over, Pauline decided to send the doctor’s opinion on the operation results.

All spoke of a favorable prognosis, but Alyssa could not get her hands on her job all day.

She lost the quill he was holding, and she stayed idly until her name was called by Dania before she came to her senses.

She might have gone crazy if she couldn’t send and receive emergency telegrams in an age where magic was developed.

“…Take a rest.”

Dania finally decided to let go of Alyssa, who had been dazed once again.

Actually, it’s not that she doesn’t understand Alyssa’s heart.

If Dania had been Alyssa, she might have left everything and ran to where Seidrick was.

She’s been holding up so well….

It was only today.

After Alyssa’s clumsy smile, Dania left the office.

Dania came out of it and put her head together with the secretaries who came after her.

While Alyssa did Alyssa’s job, Dania did Dania’s job.

She hired additional secretaries to help her with her work.

There are currently only four secretaries, including Dania, directly affiliated with Alyssa.

“Your Majesty today is strange, Secretary Dania.”


Secretary Fiona.

Today is an important day for Cambridge.

It would be better to leave her alone.

In fact, she’s been running in a hurry for the past week, haven’t you”

Dania said around.

Cambridge has a strong tendency to be a closed fortress, so they don’t know what’s going on, but the secretaries tacitly promised a secret.

Any rumors that could disturb Alyssa’s life or cause a scandal were being cut off from their line.

Alyssa had to be an impeccable king.

Even to restore the people’s hearts that the tyranny of the former king had destroyed.

The Temple, The Revolutionary Corps, and public opinion.

With one heart, everyone was ‘making’ her the perfect king.

“I see.

She has an interview with the high priests this afternoon, and I’ll see if I can delay it.”

“Not tomorrow.

She has luncheon appointments with the representatives of the revolutionary group tomorrow.

Miss Caradella is also due to enter the palace.

This is not something that can be postponed.”

“Then postpone the temple appointment until the next day.

On the next day, she has an empty schedule except for dinner with the nobles.”

“Isn’t that weekend…”


“The king will need a rest day, too.

She’s going to ruin her health.”

“Then there must be a way to postpone it, mainly after that.”

Leaving behind the secretaries arguing fiercely, Dania looked around the office where Alyssa was.

For Alyssa, today will be hell.

Even each move of the second hand can be clearly felt on the skin.

Dania let out a sympathetic sigh.

Seidrick must recover and return.


What are you doing The younger brother you loved so much is sick..’

It’s like she could hear Kendrick’s laughter.

‘Protect Seidrick.’


Dania’s hair shook.

Even though it’s indoors with no wind, that sounds like Kendrick’s answer, as Dania bit her lip.


Today, Ophelia and Kaihan also visited the Cambridge mansion after hearing the news that Seidrick was having surgery.

They were going to stay here today.

They couldn’t leave Juliana alone on a day like today.

She hadn’t been able to drink a sip of water.

“Mother, you have to eat.

I’m sure you’ll collapse first.”

Ophelia insisted, but Juliana couldn’t take a sip.

It was because her throat was sharp as if stuck together.

In fact, the smell of savory soup spread throughout the drawing-room, but no one was able to get a drink.

Kaihan and Ophelia are also on an empty stomach.

“It’ll be fine.

The Duke is a strong man, so he will come back in good health, Mother.”

Kaihan gently comforted Juliana.


Thank you for coming.”


Of course, I have to come.

It’s a family thing.”

Ophelia struggled to smile hard.

Kaihan’s family also sent a lot of medicinal herbs to heal the body this time.

He also sent an additional bear bile that he had sent before.

For Seidrick.

As Kaihan said, he felt like he had a really strong family.


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