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The same was true of Seidrick, who pondered on Alyssa’s letter, because her sparse letters were Seidrick’s only consolation.

The time to ponder on it was the only time for Seidrick to smile brightly.

Among them, there were, of course, some of Seidrick’s favorite letters.

A letter full of Alyssa’s hesitation and clumsiness, but also her sincerity.

Unable to sleep, Seidrick opened the letter.

Pauline said she was going to have a talk with the hospital director tomorrow, and she went to rest first.

Looking at her these days, Pauline seems busier than anyone else.

In fact, Seidrick was also a workaholic to the bone, so he didn’t just rest here.

In fact, Avery’s medical facilities weren’t that great.

So, like Seidrick, there were many cases where they took a ship to treat diseases.

However, since most of the ships were used only for military purposes, there was a saying that getting a ship is like picking up the star in the sky.

If so, how about operating a medical ship

Twice a month.

Seidrick had a ship and had the power and wealth to own one other than a commercial ship.

Therefore, it is to make a ship with a reduced size and increased speed and use it for medical purposes.

Pauline was very impressed with Seidrick’s idea.

‘I guess this is what occupational diseases are! Your Excellency, you have a long illness with your job title.’

It was yesterday that Pauline strongly recommended it to the hospital chief.

And Pauline quickly set a date for the conversation.

They let Seidrick stay in the country until he is all well.

They were asking him to anchor the ship in exchange for permission to stay and treat him.

That’s why the schedule for Seidrick’s return was delayed a bit.

Seidrick’s life was saved, so he had reason to tune in to their needs.

That’s okay.

He wanted to see Alyssa, but he can bear it.

Seidrick opened the letter.

Even the waiting time for the letter to be opened was happy, so Seidrick willingly opened the letter countless times and repeated the process of folding it again and putting it in an envelope.


I’ll be honest.

I don’t know what to write.

So I’m going to tell my story.

I’m really bad at talking like this.

I’ve never received someone’s heartfelt letters, and I’ve never written them at the same time.

I’ve always been used to being alone.

So it is true that writing a letter is awkward.

But, Dania said, is there anything wrong with the letter

What did I do today and what will I do tomorrow What did I eat today and what was delicious

All of that makes a story.

It was fascinating.

I have never shared my daily life with anyone.

Then I suddenly realized.

That no one has ever given me such a thing.

What did you eat Was it delicious Or, what are you going to do tomorrow What happened today

I’ve never been asked such a question.

So I guess it’s more difficult for me to tell my heart.

Seidrick, my life has always been a series of hell and heaven.

If I thought today was better, tomorrow will be even harder.

You came into my world like that.

Sid the gardener asked me.

How have you been

What have you been doing

Sid was the first to ask me such a question.

I was a poor person who did not enjoy such trivial things.

(I’m not trying to buy sympathy, I really just want to tell my story!)

But Seidrick was the first to ask me.

What would you like to eat today

Wow, actually, Seidrick doesn’t know that my hair turned white when I heard that, right

I’ve never been asked such a question.

Because I ate prepared food.

Instead of asking about me, they looked at me as the royal family.

Their main concern was whether Princess Alyssa ate the right amount of food for her body.

I actually didn’t even know what I liked until Seidrick asked me what I liked.

(I’m still getting to know it.

Actually, I think I prefer bitter tiramisu over strawberry cake.)

And I like the fish you grill.

That’s right.

That was the first time I knew I was a glutton.

I didn’t know I could eat that much.

In the royal family, you had to eat a set amount for a set time.]

Seidrick turned the letter with a faint smile on his face.

Alyssa’s story.

Her thoughts, which she had never brought out, were listed in the letter.

Alyssa was more playful than he thought.

And she seemed to have lived a more oppressed life than Seidrick had thought.


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