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Alyssa summoned Caradella.

It was the result of long consideration.

Alyssa, who was determined to face rather than avoid, contacted Caradella first and communicated her desire to meet.

She remembered the day she first met Caradella a long time ago.

At that time, Caradella looked great and strong.

She provided meals and a bed for Alyssa, who had wandered the streets abandoned, and looked after her for a while.

Caradella, who became Alyssa’s roof when she had nowhere to go without asking anything.

The memories of that time were still vivid in her mind.

Alyssa let out a long sigh.

The fountain pen she was holding in her hand trembled.

It was the fountain pen she bought the day she first met Caradella.

It was also a gift that the boy she only had vague memories of bought for Alyssa.

Alyssa uses this fountain pen especially when she is doing important work or writing letters.

The reason may be that the meaninglessness of her childhood is contained in this little pen.

There was also a reason that it was the first gift that Alyssa ever received.

It was the same with Caradella that was entangled with this fountain pen.


Alyssa still doesn’t know who she is.

She thought she was an ordinary fountain pen shop owner, but in reality she was a pretty dangerous strategist.

Caradella recommended Alyssa, who had not forgotten her affection for her, to write, and she published it.

So Alyssa thought that she was running a publishing house, but she was the head of the Revolutionary Corps more than that.

Caradella has always been a person beyond Alyssa’s expectations.

And this time too.

For Caradella, death and murder were too easy.

She pondered over and over what to do.

No matter what Caradella did, she was a hero and it was right that she did a great thing for the kingdom this time.


Alyssa grabbed the fountain pen tightly in her hand and put it down.

A fountain pen mark remained on her tiny hand, which quickly turned red.

Caradella was the one who saved Alyssa’s childhood.

However, Alyssa was drawn to such feelings and became a person who should not be able to get things done.

“Your Majesty.”

Alyssa lifted her head slowly.

It was the handmaiden who looked after Alyssa inside the palace that knocked on the door of the office.

“Miss Caradella is here.

She’s waiting in the parlor.”

“I’ll go.”

Alyssa got up.

The fountain pen lay neatly on her desk.

In an orderly fashion, like Alyssa’s head, who organized her thoughts.


Carradella looked around the inside of the Revolutionary Corps.

“What are you thinking”

The errand boy working in the Revolutionary Corps asked about her strange behavior.

As she walked slowly inside the Revolutionary Corps’ building, she didn’t say anything.

Caradella smiled and shook her head.

Alyssa called Caradella to the royal palace.

She wasn’t as weak and stupid as people say.

And Caradella noticed that Alyssa knew what she had done.

And Carradella also knew that it was an overpowering thing that shouldn’t be done.

Alyssa in the sun, Caradella in the shade.

Isn’t it a dangerous idea to pretend to be the king’s shadow

The king had to be alone and had to be a whole being.

(as in they need to be full and complete/intact on its own)

The shadow must also belong to the king.

However, Caradella made Alissa half-king of her own accord.

So now it was Caradella’s turn to pay for her own sins.

Whatever Alyssa commands, she will obey.

She was a pretty decent king, and Caradella achieved her goal.

Now she has no regrets.

Caradella passed a late reply to the errand boy.

“It is nothing.”

Really, it was nothing.


A deep silence passed between Alyssa and Caradella.

It was because neither of them opened their mouth recklessly.

It was Alyssa who declared surrender first.

She let out a long, deep sigh.

“……Miss Carradella.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Caradella answered.

“All this time, Miss Carradella has been a kind of sign for me.

I thought that if I followed you, I would be able to imitate your confident appearance or your boldness even a little bit.

And I think I succeeded in my own way.

I’m not a little kid, and I’ve found something to do.”


“It happened as you told me.”

“Congratulations, Your Majesty.”

“But, thanks to that, I have to punish you.

Carradella, there is something I need to check first.”


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