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“Excuse me Ah.

Because I couldnt see the Duchess.

I was thrilled to see the appearance of Lady Ophelia, whom I heard only with fame.”

Even Alyssa was stunned by Norfes pursuit of Ophelia.

What about Juliana and Ophelia themselves Juliana stopped her daughter from getting angry.

“Prince, we are on our way to visit Kendrick.

Lets call it a day.”


The dead should stay dead, and the living must live.

Lets forget about this and look at the good things… It would be nice…”


Juliana shouted in a shrill voice.

Her face turned white and she was trembling.

“Stop! If you insult us any more, I will bring this fact to the temple!”

“…to receive my favor like this.”

Norfe narrowed his eyes and muttered.

He felt annoyed.

In the present generation, the temple had no power, but it had influence, whether it was because of its reputation or the people who went in and out of the temple.

Those who support the spirit of the people of the kingdom had the influence to move public opinion, and if they go to the situation of accusing the royal family in Cambridge, the arrow of blame will be turned toward the royal family.

Of course, it is not clear whether it also exerts a direct influence on the royal family, but at least it would be possible to degrade their image.

Luckily, Prince Norfe was famous for his stupidity, so Alyssa knew that the royal family would not protect him if he got into that situation.

And Juliana seemed to know the situation well.



Lady Ophelia.

Id be grateful if you make time for me next time.”

Ophelias lips were trembling with anger at the words next time.


Juliana had a face that showed she wanted to beat him right now if only the opponent in front was not the prince.

As if he noticed, Norfe was no longer coercive and retreated as it is.

Until the end, he winked at Alyssa.

Soon he left with the attendants he had brought.

“See you next time.”

Alyssa bit her lips.

The world was never on her side.

But is there a need to be so cruel to Alyssa She thought that going to Kendricks grave together would melt the hearts of Juliana and Ophelia.

But Norfe ruined everything.

Juliana and Ophelia passed by Alyssa coldly.


Alyssa raised her hesitant hand and grabbed the duchess sleeve.

“Its dreadful!”

Juliana beats Alyssas hand.

Her eyes filled with tears were staring at Alyssa fiercely.

Anger that had never been expressed toward her seemed to boil in Julianas mind.

“Avery, Avery, Avery! Are all the Avery so terrible What did Cambridge do so wrong to you guys! What sin did my daughter and my son commit How dare you… insult my daughter and kill my son…!”

“Mother, I…”

“I felt sorry for you.

I tried to do that! But I am also a human.

Alyssa, I am a human being too…”

Julianas voice trembled.

“The terrible Avery blood.

What more can you do…”

She rubbed her face with her palm.

In just a few minutes, she was struck by a face that seemed to have aged for years.

“Just, just… Lets live like strangers, Alyssa.

I wont forget your kindness that brought us here today.

I wont even drive you out.

So, just let us go.

Just ignore the Cambridges.

Please dont bother me more than this.”

Alyssas hand slowly fell from her sleeve.

After seeing it, Juliana fluttered her mouth with a look that she wanted to say something, but she didnt want to change it.

Terrible Averys blood,

Sadly, she cant deny it.

Alyssa will have Averys blood unless she is reborn… The arrogant Avery will never change.

Its gonna hurt Cambridge to the end.

Alyssa bowed her head.

Her eyes filled with tears, which fell and wet her clothes.

“Im sorry…”

The answer did not come back.

“Im so sorry… I apologize on behalf of Avery.

Im sorry…”

In front of Cambridge, Alyssa was bound to be a sinner.

On behalf of the veins that are unaware of shame and cant admit fault.

She muttered endlessly.

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Sasha greeted Alyssa, who returned with a white, tired face.


It seemed that there was no need to ask what had happened or how she was feeling.

It was because Alyssas face was wet with tears, tattered behind Juliana and Ophelia.

However, no one in the mansion took pity on her.


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