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‘Brother What brings you here so early

It was Kendrick who called the laid-back Seidrick who was reading books while walking along the road-side trees.

Kendrick got off the horse and wrapped his younger brothers shoulders.

This was a very hot summer as a 15 years old.

It was a memory of the day.

Kendrick hugged the little boy and smiled brightly.

“Whats going on Something good happened”

“Good Stop pretending! I heard you took the top spot at the Academy My colleagues are going crazy right now.

They say that Kendrick, an ignorant who only knows how to swing a sword, has the smartest brother in the world!”

Seidrick laughed.

Kendrick, an ignorant It was to honor Cambridge, not because he was ignorant.

Without anyone knowing it, Kendrick always lowered himself and praised Seidrick highly.

“Its reassuring to have you, Seidrick! Tell me what you want.

This brother of yours will do everything for you!”

Kendricks bright smile made Seidrick burst into laughter.

“Dont show off!”

He was a friendly and warm person.

Kendrick was a heavenly brother to Seidrick.

He seemed to be a strong support at any time, and he was the sky of Cambridge.

But his sky collapsed.

Avery, who took Cambridges sky, will surely pay the price.

In any form.

Seidrick made a firm commitment.

The dirt digging through his nails awakened his mind.

“Brother, I will definitely pick you up.”

Kendrick should not be here.

He remembered his pledge to take him to the place where his Cambridge ancestors were buried.

“I will never leave you alone here.”

Kendricks end was sorrowful and sad that Seidrick couldnt leave all night.

The cold air of dawn could not stop him.

He guarded his brothers side like a stone and told stories he had not been able to tell.

Unfortunately, at that moment.

He couldnt think of anything about Princess Alyssa.

Because Seidrick was struggling just getting through his tragedy.


Sasha, the maid-in-waiting who came out of the royal city with Alyssa, was the only one on Alyssas side.

A vicious gaze could be felt everywhere in the Cambridge mansion.

Shortly after staying, Alyssa noticed that the place was hostile to her.

Early in the morning, Sasha was the only one who came to attend Alyssa, who woke up alone.

“Did you sleep well”

Sasha has spoken affectionately, knowing that Alyssa couldnt even sleep a wink while sitting and waiting for Seidrick.

She just doesnt know what to say.

“Well… yes.”

Alyssa gave an obvious lie.

With red-blooded eyes, calmly.

Sasha looked up with a sad face and removed the makeup from her pale face.

Sasha stipped her on behalf of the groom.

She doesnt know why the rustling sound is so heartbreaking.


“Did you eat”

The morning of the attending people is rather on the earlier side.

Sasha nodded with a sad sigh.


“Do the people treat you well”


Sasha is not unaware of the cold gazes on her, but to reassure her master, she put a lie in her mouth.

She didnt want to upset Alyssa, who already had her head lowered with her small shoulders.

“I see.”

When Alyssa was moderately convinced and let herself be fooled by Sashas words, the bedroom door opened.

The ladies who poured in were those who worked for a long time in the Cambridge mansion.

Therefore, they must know about etiquette.

Nevertheless, the maids who came in without being polite to Alyssa began to clean up their bedrooms.

“What are you doing now You have to be polite to Milady!”

Sasha rebelled.

“Excuse me”

A maid snorted.

The maid who was removing the blankets from the bed Alyssa was sitting in, sighed with her hands down.

“The courtesy should have been done by Her Majesty the Princess first.

You havent done any courtesy for the deceased.”

“Its not Miladys fault…!”

“Thats enough, Sasha.”

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Alyssa stopped Sasha from speaking.

“Continue with your work.

Im fine.”

“… Her Majesty seems to be at ease in mind and body.

Our duke was in front of his dead brothers grave the whole night.”

Alyssas pupils dilate.

After yesterdays wedding was over, he hastily disappeared.

After becoming the princesss husband, she couldnt figure out whats inside of Seidricks heart , who was able to stand in front of his brothers grave.


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