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She felt bitter again.

Alyssa shook her head and handed the papers over.

“And… In the case of food materials, there must be a shop that already traded with the duchy.

After a discussion with the nutritionist, the chef, and the butler in the house, make sure to place the order in advance.”

“Yes, Madam.”


And… I havent checked the hall where the banquet is held yet.

It would be nice if we went over there together.

Are there any useful curtains you used before”

Alyssa asked every question she needed.

Most of the things that were praised as successful events in the imperial family were organized by Alyssa.

The queen had called it for Alyssas education, but she now thinks that the queen was just putting off her work to Alyssa.

Meanwhile, the queen informed the people that she had done it herself.

‘I wonder if Mother would do the same.

Alyssa was on the verge of getting irritated with herself, that she could only think this way.

Even though Juliana knows that she is different from her queen.

Still, it was better than the royal situation.

The Cambridges maids and butler are somewhat cooperative with Alyssa, but not in the royal palace.

None of the servants under the queens order helped Alyssa.

Because of this, she had to go to the store and prepare for the banquet herself.

As there was such a process, this didnt seem too difficult now.

“I think this should be enough.

If you have time, I would like to visit the hall right now.

What do you two think”

At Alyssas question, the maid and the butler nodded.

She looked completely different from when she first entered the office.


And… there should still be a budget left.

I hope that the remaining budget is paid out as a special bonus to the employees who will work hard for the day.

Butler, can I leave it up to you”

The eyes of the two grew bigger at the additional words that Alyssa had forgotten.

Usually, the money left after doing this would run into the madams pocket.

However, Alyssa said that with a face saying that she had no greed.


They were embarrassed by the unexpected situation.

“…I will take care of it well, Madam.”

Then the butler added a word that was hovering in his mouth.

“Thank you.”

He was truly thankful that she wasnt as bad as he thought.

It was natural that the eyes of the maid and the butler who looked at Alyssa were softer than before.


“Did you call me”

It was his mother, Juliana, who called in Seidrick late at night.

Seidrick is so busy that she doesnt have time to see his face properly.

Julianas heart was shaken to see her son who had lost weight.

He couldnt do the things he liked, and he was tied up in the mansion like this, doing the work of the duke, so her heart was sore.

At the same time, she remembered the dead Kendrick.

Was it because it hasnt been long since Kendricks death Still, Juliana couldnt escape her sorrow for Kendrick.

“…Youre going through a lot of trouble, you.”

“Its for the family.

I dont think its hard work.

But what did you call me for You dont usually sleep so late.”

Seidrick swept his tired face down.

“I called you because I had something to ask you.”

“Tell me.”

“…Are you properly talking with your wife”

“…Its awkward to say that shes my wife.

Call her Princess Alyssa, Mother.”

Seidrick was nervous.

His heart saying that was also complicated.


Thinking of her complicates both his head and his heart.

Alyssa, whom Seidrick had been getting to know, was a good and pure person.

It is hard to imagine that she is Averys blood, but the fact that she is Averys blood and the enemy of Cambridge has not changed.

Is that all

Shes the one who was about to marry Kendrick.

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Seidrick still couldnt think apart from Kendrick and his wife.

It was better in the garden.

Maybe because of the hazy atmosphere of the changing season or because of the sense of freedom that neither of them is no one.

Perhaps because they are hiding each others identity.

There, Seidrick was Sid, and Alyssa was just Lisa.

It may not have been that at first, but now he was comfortable enough to feel that way.

Shes just a friend who shares nicknames.

He liked her just that much.


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