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Alyssa bit her lips.

They are already very sick from Avery.

She couldnt load any more luggage.

‘The gardener was away anyway…

At that time, she can take care of the royal affairs.

Even after getting married, people will point to them as puppets who move according to the queens name.

It would be hard, but she didnt want to see Norfe in front of Ophelia and Juliana saying,Weve been invited by Alyssa. Alyssa nodded her head.

“I will.”

She would have been better off doing emotional and physical labor for a week or so, rather than saying that she would invite Norfe.

The queens eyes grew lighter.

She wants to punish Alyssa and imprison her right now, but she is anxious because she cant.

Alyssa laughed painfully.

Averys bridle is like a curse.

A curse that will only come off at death.

“Its better to start preparing today, so get out! Its a masked party hosted by Vanessa because she wants to hang out with her friends.

Try to do well.”

Vanessa Avery.

It was Alyssas only half-sister.

Unlike Alyssa, who enjoys nothing like a princess, she enjoys everything and has a comfortable life.

The queen wrapped around her only daughter and did everything she asked for.

She had the luxury and she had a lot of parties.

It wasnt once or twice for the queen to steal Alyssas share of the budget and pour it out on Vanessa.

‘Shes still there.

Speaking of Vanessas friends, it was obvious.

People who have little to see and live a parasitic life of power and money.

Alyssa put her eyes down.

Vanessas friends were people who were pathetic and who had nothing to do with each other.

They would not have approached if Vanessa had not been a princess.

Alyssa has also witnessed an affair with her lover, whom she believes that Vanessa will surely marry.

A group of people like Vanessa gathered.

“Yes, Mother.

I will work hard.”

Pretending she knew nothing, she responded obediently and raised herself.

The queen beckoned, as if Alyssa, who did not lose till the end, was hurting her head.

‘Id rather do well.

She was thinking about it because there was no one to leave her work, but the banquet hosted by Alyssa from the past was different than before.

Even the shops that said there werent any leftovers after Alissa said a few words, poured out their scraps.

It was difficult to appease Vanessa, who has been getting more irritable these days, so she is given prey.

“Hoo… Then lets go to work.”

Alyssa bowed her head and raised her head.

‘I protected something!

Alyssas heart pounded with excitement.

Her body will be exhausted, but she is much better now.

 Her eyes left the queen.

She had already envisioned a banquet of Vanessas taste in her mind.

She hates to do it, but she thought it would be better to get it done quickly.

On her way home, she would have to stop by the store to buy what she needed and send it to the royal family.


Come to think of it, she didnt hear anything about the budget.

‘Is this also the same

Bullying Alyssa.


Whats so important about that money Alyssa sighed.

She was just thinking about spending it from her pocket.

Alyssa curled his lips and asked.

‘I think Im a little broke.

It seemed like she had to devise to make money.

Shes been busy with the work shes had in hand… She couldnt think of anything because she was so busy.

She had a secret that others didnt know.

Alyssa stopped by the castle where she was staying for a while and opened a drawer in the corner of her room.

She saw the old pen and inkwell she used to write with.

Alyssa rolled a familiar pen in her hand.

It was like a refuge for Alyssa, and her surprising popularity helped her a lot.

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She said she didnt know about people.

Alyssa touched the pens cool nib.

Her life was like a spaghetti filled with stimulating seasonings, so her autobiographical novels used to be popular.

Maybe this time too.

Others are living in reality while she tells a life that can only be seen in her novels.



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