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“Well… Averys veins are so shameless.

Is there anyone in the social world who doesnt know what Prince Norfe is”

“Princess Alyssa.

You are so mean.”

Alyssas face turned pale.

Even though she knew about this, the reason she stood up was that Ophelias little face, wet with her tears, caught her heart.

She has been soft on herself lately and has often been cute lately.

Either she secretly pushes her favorite food to Alyssa, or she talks to her for about nothing.

‘The sun is nice today.

Are you going for a walk today


I think so.

‘Im glad that Alyssa also likes the garden.

Such trivial conversations.

Alyssa took a step back without knowing it.

Before she could even say that it wasnt right, she began to feel nauseous at the accusations.

Knowing that Averys sins would come back to Alyssa all the time… she held her skirt messed up with the ink from her fingers.

Juliana opened her mouth, staring at the whitened fingertips of Alyssa.

“Stop it.

Alyssa just came to let us know.”

The noble ladies who grumbled at Julianas words bite their mouths.

“…In any case, I wont wait and see to my open eyes to proceed with the forced marriage, Grand Madam.”


Juliana agreed, and she spoke affectionately to Alyssa.

“Why dont you go back”

“…Please let me help you, mother.”

Alyssas voice trembled.

“Norfe is a terrible person.

I dont want Ophelia to be involved with such a person.

So let me help too.”

Alyssa raised her head with her lips biting.

Although pale, her purple eyes blended with her white-blonde hair are very mysterious.

Do you keep giving your heart to that child because of that sadness Juliana laughed sadly and said lightly.

“Now, I dont know what to do, Alyssa.”

“Norfe is the one that the queen loves the most.

As her youngest son, he grew up receiving only her love.

She will never go to the royal family if she has any flaws.”

“Prince Norfe was told to be reckless.”

“The best thing to do now is for Ophelia to get her engagement.

Mother, is there a suitable partner for Ophelia”

This is Alyssa, who has never shown such a determined figure before.

Does that mean that Norfe is a mess Or is she thinking of us like family Juliana touched her forehead.

She heard a similar story from Seidrick, and she was discussing it with the ladies.

Fortunately, Bordeaux County was a family with a long relationship with Cambridge, and if they talk about the situation, it will be acceptable to fill out the documents first.

However, if there were a problem, the Count of Bordeaux would have come across the fact that Ophelia was also in Norfes eyes.

All of the influential noble families are listening to the circumstances of the royal family.

The question was whether Bordeaux would accept things that could be defiant with the royal family.

“…Kaihan of Bordeaux has been with Ophelia for a long time.

When she reached adulthood, she was supposed to have a wedding.

But, for now…”

Of course, Alyssa was also considering that.

No matter how messed up the royal family, it was a fact that they had the most significant power, and there would be no family who would like to pretend with them.

“…Ill go, mother.”


No matter how much Alyssa is, no one thinks of her separate from Avery.

She is wondering if she could go and talk in person.

The situation might get better.

“I will vouch for this engagement in my name, mother.”

Besides, what if she put up Alyssas name

The royal condemnation will be directed solely on Alyssa.

Juliana knew it was the best, but she couldnt agree.

She couldnt let Alyssa, who seems to be struggling, carry that burden…

“Anyway, one way or another.

I am the royal family keeper.”

Alyssa grinned quickly.

The laughter seemed so cold that even Julianas heart was freezing.

Eventually, she couldnt win the torch of the noble ladies, and she nodded her head.

No matter what, her heart was at ease for Alyssa.

But, her mind for her couldnt be more significant than her mind for Ophelia.

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‘Besides, you suggested to me first

Julianna thought, swallowing her medicine.


Because Alyssa first suggested it.

So comforting herself, Juliana drank her water.

These days, there were no days when she didnt take her two medicines.

Why is Avery bothering Cambridge so much

Even after the ladies left, Juliana couldnt get up for a while.


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